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Alzen Porsche 996 Biturbo "Turbinchen"

Alzen Porsche 996 Biturbo "Turbinchen" 4.0

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Damn this is a beast! Hard as heck to drive but loads of fun! Thank you :) - https://youtu.be/cYk-MNVOGJM
Very nice update, thank you, like fine wine this great addition to AC is aging well and gets better. A beast to drive.
Very good job... but the FFB
Thanks to share
What the FFB? Please elaborate in the Support thread
Would love to see this puppy make it to RF2.
This was a real hand full in GTR2
Sweet and thank you
The interior windshield where the banner is has some very distracting misplaced reflections
The car suffers from a terrible FFB. The tire model isn't that good as well, I would prefer the 90's Slicks seen on the McLaren F1 GTR.
Why would I put 90s slicks on a car from 2005?
No good 3D model. Less polygons. Not recommendable at this time. Hope there will be an further update with big improvements
Somehow managed to miss this the first time round (I never knew it had even been released! :O)

Good fun though - only had time for a quick burst in the RWD one, but its a good laugh - really enjoy the sound of that turbo!

Model isn't quite on the level of your upcoming Audi - but is more than sufficient.

Hoping to get the time to really give all variants a go, but first impressions are great!
yeah this was my learner piece, looking at the raw mesh hurts my eyes now :D But physics are still really great I think, done totally from scratch by Dauntless(80%) and me (20%). Haven't really got to test it against the Kunos Porsche cars, and their methods of emulating Multilink suspension. Would be cool if anyone could give me feedback on this in the Support thread
Thanks for update. This is my favorite AC mod!
Love this car , very good work again , thanks
What a car! And the physics feel so real. Very good job!
I'm so glad to see this mod still alive ! thx mate !
Many thanks for this and to all involved, much appreciated!
Thanks for the update !!!
Wow! I remember trying a beta version some months ago, and it sure came a long way! GREAT improvements in every field!
I'm only annoyed by the Turbo sound or whatever it is... (actually, is it even the turbo? anyway it seems too loud)
Anyway, great car!
Late response, but:

The intercooler piping runs like 70cm behind the drivers head with not much of a bulkhead in between- it is that loud :)
Thanks very much :)
What an amazing monster :)
Thank you for the good old Turbinchen. Never seen a better one
in a Sim.
Respect my friend! Thanks for the update.