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Alzen Porsche 996 Biturbo "Turbinchen"

Alzen Porsche 996 Biturbo "Turbinchen" 4.0

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Doesn't work with newer version of CSP, stay stuck in the validation setup, hope someone can fix it
that's weird, been using it a few times recently. But I will check if a "fresh" install of the latest release has some hickups
Great car
This is frigging awesome. The RWD is a real best, scary to drive but man it's great when you manage to tame it. AWD is more user-friendly but still plenty of character. And the turbo sounds are fantastic.

Interesting note: 2 years ago I posted in the support thread about the bad visual effect where road surface is reflected in winshield banner. That doesn't happen anymore, although the car hasn't been updated since then. So apparently some CSP feature fixed it. Works for me
Awesomeness. What a challenge the RWD is! And the sound! Fantastic work. Thank you very much.
This car is a beast! I've only spent a few minutes with it last night doing burn outs and trying a few corners. Does it have TC? I didn't have time to check.

This requires a feather like touch on the accelorator I guess.

Great fun. Must try on a proper race with all the grid made up of this car.
The 2005 AWD variant got TC, as the real car had it in that year. The RWD 2003 version did not
Bloody Awesome!!!
Wow man this is a fantastic build.
top stuff, this car is madness you have to use your brain when driving especially around longford top speed of 309km.
Glaube sein Bruder Jürgen ist da leicht anderer Meinung :D
Wonderfull work! Thanks
Awesome. I didn't like the early versions at all. Great to see so much improvment. The sounds and the Physics are amazing. Only thing i got a little problem with is the FFB. It starts to clip at some point. The strenght is good in most situations. Only driven the RWD version yet.
Only have played with the RWD : what a beast !
Suprisingly this is the only car I can drive without crashing ... The FFB is so close to what I can feel in a real car, wish the other cars in AC was that good to communicate thru the steering wheel.
Maybe this is the result of the new Multilink rear suspension... I think so far this is the first and only mod using this suspension type.
Great work, got better and better with every update. All your other cars also made a massive improvement. You get better and better, be proud of your work, its damn good.
What a great update to an already great car! It is perfect for those sessions when you just want to scare yourself :D It is pure joy to drive this with no TC, no ABS and a manual box. Superb physics and a wonderful set of sounds (especially the transmission whine!). Excellent car, and thanks for all your hard work :)
Great update for a fun and unique car.
Thank you!
Let's try it out! Thanks!
Wow!!! Caught up with this mod, watching RaceDepartment YouTube. It really is special. Love the SXF. Thank you for sharing.