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Alternative AMS SweetFX preset (MSAA friendly). 1.1

Personal SweetFX preset for racing games.

  1. Large Style
    This mod is simply a SweetFX preset that I made for any old / DX9 racing games to make them look nice and purdy. It uses simulated HDR to "fake" better lighting and an (optional and subtle) chromatic aberration effect.

    I have provided 2 versions of this preset:

    V1.0 - This is based on Boulotaur2024s version of SweetFX which replaces Reizas supplied version of SweetFX therefore you can run this preset along with MSAA at the same time, but is seemingly incompatible with DynHUD.

    v1.1 - This is a singular preset for for use with Reizas SweetFX system so it does not work with MSAA and the CA effect isn't present, but you can use DynHUD.

    Installation for v1.0:

    1) Remove Reizas SweetFX files - open the games root folder and either delete or preferably move the following files / folder to a safe location...

    "SweetFX" folder

    2) Copy the files within this mods .rar file into the games root folder.

    3) Open AMS's Configuration Tool, set SweetFX preset to "disabled" and set your desired level of MSAA.

    Job done.

    Installation for v1.1:

    1) Copy the "Large Style.txt" file within the download into the SweetFXs preset folder (Automobilista\SweetFX\Presets).

    2) Run AMS Configuration Tool and select my preset.

    If you don't like a graphical effect then it / they can be disabled by opening the "SweetFX_settings.txt" and find the effect within the "Chose effect" section, and change the 1 (enabled) to 0 (disabled) and save the file.

    Images below demonstrate SweetFX off (left hand side) and on (right side).


    It's not easy to capture the effect of this mod within pictures and is best seen in action. Please note that I made this preset for personal use and therefore is suited to my tastes only, and was made especially for use with older racing games that could do with a little spicing up of their visuals. If you don't like it then feel free to either adjust it or just not use it.

    Credit to Boulotaur2024 for the modded version of SweetFX.

Recent Reviews

  1. Badexample69
    Version: 1.1
    Must have mod for the game! It looks so much better than any other SweetFX mods. MSAA X8! WOW! Game now looks sharp and up to date graphically with everything else out there! Thanks a lot!
    1. Large Style
      Author's Response
      You're most welcome, and glad you like it (:
  2. Jeron Bleeco
    Jeron Bleeco
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you....I like very much :)
    1. Large Style
      Author's Response
      Thanks - glad you like it!
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