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Alternate Track Layouts Mod for Copa Petrobras de Marcas 1.0

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* First off, thanks to Reiza Studios & Renato Simioni for granting permission to edit the alternate layouts for existing tracks.

- This Mod makes it possible to use the alternate layouts of "Brasilia, Curitiba, Interlagos & Velopark".

The following alternate layouts are available.

Brasilia - Full Course
Curitiba - Outer Circuit
Interlagos - GP
Velopark - Short

- Please note that this Mod "replaces" the original layout with the alternate one.

You can use the alternate layouts of the different tracks at the same time.
But you can't use the original layout & the alternate layout of the same track at the same time because this Mod simply replaces the original files.

You can use "Brasilia Alt. + Curitiba Alt. + Interlagos Alt. + Velopark Alt." at the same time.
But you can't use "Brasilia Default + Blasilia Alt." at the same time.

- This Mod is totally based on the files developed by Reiza Studios ("Game Copa Petrobras de Marcas" & "Game Stock Car Extreme").
Thanks to Reiza Studios for the great games.

And thanks to Petrobras that is the title sponsor of the "Copa Petrobras de Marcas" series and offers this Game as free download for us.



Known Issue
The alternate layouts' names on the loading screens are not correct because I edited the original loading screens and changed only the track Maps. I'm sorry.

Thanks to everyone involved.
Without their work, this Mod could not have been done.

* Petrobras *
- The title sponsor of the "Copa Petrobras de Marcas" series and offers this Game as free download for us.

Copa Petrobras de Marcas - The Official Website

* Reiza Studios *
- The developer of "Game Copa Petrobras de Marcas" and "Game Stock Car Extreme".

* Luigi Auriemma *
- rfactordec & MAS2Files

* Dave Nooman (SimGarage UK) *
- 3DSimED (Track Viewer)

Please refer to the Readme.txt file included in the archive.

Video (Preview)
I posted a short video to introduce this Mod.

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Latest reviews

Excellent mod! Is there a way to import to this game tracks from Reizas GSC?
Thanks for your comment, ZEN-KO.
I'm glad to hear this Mod worked. :)
About importing the tracks, it is not allowed because this game is a free version of Reiza's titles (GSC & AMS), and I can't do anything about that, sorry. But I hope you enjoy the alternate Layouts with this Mod.
Thanks again. :)