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Alsace Village - Not a GT Circuit

Alsace Village - Not a GT Circuit v0.2

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I've updated the track. Whilst I still wanted to keep the crazy character of the track, some areas were bottoming out almost every car. Those I've tried to reduce while still keeping the character of the track intact.

I've also improved the pit exit. In the previous version, cars on track would be doing quite a manouver to take T1, and would be greeting by joining drivers. In this version, that conflict is reduced.

I've also added a chicane before the final straight, leading into slower entry speeds which don't make your car fly off track if you take the corner a bit wrong.

Lastly, I've removed almost all buildings since they don't fit the track. I'll be trying to add more buildings in later iterations of the track.

This version has improved the flow of the track a bit, which leads to better racing.
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