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Alsace Village - Not a GT Circuit

Alsace Village - Not a GT Circuit v0.2

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Hi Everyone!

Recently I started to be interested in creating tracks for Assetto Corsa and after a few tries, this is my first track that I would deem worthy of sharing.

I've started of basing myself of the Alsace Village layout of GT Sport, but soon realised that the imported geo data for the Alsace region is very different than what GT Sport had implemented.

I rolled with it and I actually got some genuine fun racing on this track. It is quite a ridiculous track, the elevation changes make it quite a challenging track to navigate.

I've added some crude camera's and AI races are present, but I trained the AI with a controller, so make of that what you will.



- Uploaded initial version of the track


- Removed hard to take terrain
- Improved track flow
- Added better pit lane
- Removed themeless buildings
- Added chicane near finish straight, reducing mayhem
- Removed launchpad on longest straight
- Added more forgiving terrain after longest straight
- AI is broken in this version. Will be fixed in 0.3

v0.3 - TBD

In the third version of the track I'll smooth out any track lines / track roadside objects to improve the consistency of the track. I'll also improve the texturing of the landscape to improve believability of the track.

Do let me know what you guys think!


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  1. Alsace Village - Not a GT Circuit v0.2

    I've updated the track. Whilst I still wanted to keep the crazy character of the track, some...

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Very fun, i like it
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Thank you very much for the upload, it was very well done and muchly enjoyed. The elevation changes are truly the star of the show in this amazing track.
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