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AL's Special FX 2.6.3

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Al's Special FX - The purpose of this mod is to re-visit some of the vanilla effects and textures of GTR 2 and elevate them (within reason) to a higher standard. I offer no guarantees of performance. If it runs good on my machine, then it's good enough. Please note the following details. The cap on the number of frames available for the rainscreen animation has been raised from 10 to 60 if using the Extra-Anim option (method included in How-To folder for anyone curious). Unfortunately, this comes at the price of having to edit .GMT files to achieve the effect. Online mismatch errors are likely to occur. Other mods in my personal installation also cause mismatches (Reborn Project, etc.) so it isn't a deal-breaker for me. I tend to run races over a LAN with matching installations and 'Report Mismatches=0' set in the .PLR files.
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Latest updates

  1. AL's Special FX v2.6.3

    Re-worked all sky-domes! Star-field globular clusters more evenly distributed across nighttime...
  2. AL's Special FX v2.6.2

    Updated DBR9, Trofeo, C8 Spyder (FIA GT 2005) rainscreen files and fixed names. Sorry! Been away...
  3. AL's Special FX v2.6.1

    Fixed bad folder structure for 2005 FIA GT rain animation options. Added missing 60fr Vauxhall...

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only 321 Essentials mods to go lol p
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