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Alpinestars Tech-1 ZX Glove Collection + PSD

Alpinestars Tech-1 ZX Glove Collection + PSD 1.0

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There wasn't a great deal to choose from when it comes to this glove so I created this collection of skins. Reworked in 4K, photos taken with AC content manger.

Want to customize your own design? The Photoshop template (.psd) is included to make it easy, just double click colour overlay in photoshop to change colours.

You can use this resource and include it in other mods just give credit.
Install is at bottom of page. If you have any feedback leave a comment I'd be happy to hear it. Enjoy!
Credits: Tripple8, & Kunos Simulazioni for creating Assetto Corsa

Photo 1.jpg

Photo 2.jpg


Photo 4.jpg

(Above picture Official only colours)


How to install:
1. Place both folders 'alpinestars_tech1_ZX' & 'alpinestars_tech1_ZX_watch' in ...assettocorsa/content/texture/driver_gloves
2. Go to the skin folder of the car of your choice and open 'skin.ini' with notepad
3 . In 'skin.ini' it will say 'GLOVES=' simply overwrite that whole text line so it now says 'GLOVES=\alpinestars_tech1_ZX\chosen_color_here'
save and that's it.

For the Chopard watch: GLOVES=\alpinestars_tech1_ZX_watch\chopard_ccc

-If skin.ini doesn't exist in the skin folder choose the glove colour you want then copy all files inside that folder and paste them in to the skin folder of the car of your choice.

Latest reviews

High quality skin pack, awesome work.
Thank you ;)
Phenomenal work! Incredible in VR!
why not
thank you
Awesome job, many thanks!
Awesome job, really helps in VR!
Absolutely superb!
Details like this are a godsend for VR users. Thank you!
Brilliant glove pack!
Very well done. thank you for sharing.
This is what we needed for customisation Well done.
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