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Alpine Rally (Fictional, Scratch Made Rally Stage) v0.9a

A fictional 7.9 km long rally course in a snowy alpine setting.

  1. fredfred

    After playing TTMs awesome conversion of Monte Carlo Stage 3, Inspiration hit!! So after 2 weeks of work, I'm getting ready to release my 3rd custom level for AC, Alpine Rally. This is a scratch made fantasy level (not ported). It's 7.9 km long with a good mix of high speed stretchs interspersed with twists, turns and lots of elevation changes.The first half of the course is uphill, the second half is downhill. It has 4 slots with working AI and TV replay cameras and is online tested.

    Credits: TTM for the road diffuse textures


    Please use the included custom no fog weather config
    called "Alpine Custom" @ time 12:30, for optimum conditions.

    To use: Simply, select "Alpine Custom" in the weather
    select menu.

    It does not overwrite any files.



    Ingame Pics:










    Video courtesy of Dennis Neo

    Have fun !

Recent Reviews

  1. DreameRacing
    Version: v0.9a
  2. rozelle
    Version: v0.9a
    Absolutely stunning track! Thank you for this :D
  3. Zenon88
    Version: v0.9a
    I love your track, this and TTM monte carlo is the best tracks for snow rally. Some new tracks on its way ? :)
  4. asehauDLM
    Version: v0.9a
  5. TFlor
    Version: v0.9a
    very nice !!!
  6. jason_peters
    Version: v0.9a
    great rally track - congrats and thanks
  7. ledanek
    Version: v0.9a
    it's early in the release, but if it helps, I don't see no smoke also.

    I'm more concerned with the physics, force feedback, and collisions...and yes, most trees and barriers will stop you dead on your track.

    - Transitions from road to bridge, that force feed back is great...I'm playing around on how much I should adjust.
    - First run, no map hud, so I was breaking early... A LOT, they physics is good or as good at the TTM Monte Carlo
    - TrackIR v5 X, Y, Z=off, Roll=on, the immersion really gets to you since the road is not as flat as I thought, specially when banking hard.
    - Well balance short, turns, long roads....give it a few before turning on the map HUD for extra immersion.

    - no snow particle. I'm not big on smoke since we do a lot of winter driving here, and most smokes from exhaust only starts from the driveway. I don't recall winter rally events with much smokes except those that end in the ditch.

    For a first release, IMHO I thought this was very excellent. Will release a video of my follies...I think its hilarious enough to share.

    Well done good Sir
  8. Yoan d'Uriage
    Yoan d'Uriage
    Version: v0.9a
    Awesome job, loving the monte carlo and snow track so thanks a lot
  9. C.O.D.
    Version: v0.9a
    Very cool track!
    ui_track.json seems to be faulty, better one would be:

    "name": "Alpine Rally",
    "description": "Level Designer: ultranew_b@yahoo.ca",
    "tags" : ["circuit","original","Canada"],
    "geotags": ["lat", "lon"],
    "country": "Canada",
    "length": "7900m",
    "width": "4m",
    "pitboxes": "4",
    "run": "Rally Stage"
    1. fredfred
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the heads up !
  10. Jan Racer
    Jan Racer
    Version: v0.9a
    Works fine, very good to drive, and it looks very good! Thanks for the track ;)
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