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Alpine Hills 1.21

Kennett Ylitalo fantasy

  1. Dennis Phelan
    Alpine Hills v1.21 by CreamK for Race07. Huge thanks to BenMK1 for major AIW rework.

    Fantasy road course.

    250m of elevation
    55 corneers, 27 left, 28 right
    Up to 25 players Online

    Inspired by the Great Alpine Road in Australia, the track it self located somewhere in Europe (Germany, Italy or France, you can choose). Track layout reminds of the great haydays of the 60's; Spa, Le mans, Machwerk...
    Normal everyday rural roads, no safety features; you wreck, you die.. Ditches that can suck you in or give you great slingshots around tight corners. Blind turns, fast flowing straights and twisty rallyesque sections. Excactly the kind of road you would want to drive fast without speed limits...

    Enjoy! Any kind of feedback is truly appreciated:

    Known bugs and issues, v1.21:
    - shadows in two places act little funny in Race2. Nothing i can do about this without a major terrain rework...
    - Power poles are transparent in some sence.. they show the barbwire fences thru but that issue is not critical.. The game engine just acts funny sometimes.

    Thanks to Erik Tveit for testing, miniak for help, Tomppa for quickest lap and the rest of SRS for providing test servers and feedback.

    Huge compliments for BenMK1 for perfecting the AI racingline, awesome!
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