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Alpine A521 Winter Testing Skin

Alpine A521 Winter Testing Skin 4.0

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Hi guys!

I recently upload a fantasy helmet skin of F. Alonso for the next F1 season so I also decided to make a skin of the Alpine A521 Winter Testing to mix them together.

The skin is made to use with the ACFL F1 2020 mod. It's 3.99€ right now in their web.
Is for use it with the Renault car, which is the closest shape (if not the same) I've found. I changed the yellow details of the suits and crew stuff to blue but not edited with alpine decals or add more sponsors, just yellow to blue an the skin itself.

The instalation method is simply to drag the Alpine folder from the .rar and drop it inside the skin folder:


The .dds of the Alonso's helmet is already inside the folder but will only work for the people who have the ACSPRH mod (free). Othewise the car will load the generic AC one.

Hope u guys like it, cheers!

If you want to support, please consider to donnate, THX! ;)
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Latest updates

  1. Matte look corrected

    Matte look was bad.
  2. White spikes on blue stripe

    I didn't notice until now the small spikes on the blue stripe at the body.
  3. Rear wing detail and matte paint.

    Added a much more matte look to the paint and the France flag on the sides of the rear wing that...

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