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Alpine A364 for GSCE (1.0) 1.0b

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Dear RD racers,

Here it is, finally, a Tribute to PixSim Team for they fantastic mod Alpine A364 (ported from rFactor).
This mod, converted to GSCE, brings the Alpine A364 cars in their own menu entry, and two tracks, Nogaro and Charade, as a bonus.

Video A364 on Bathurst (wheel turned off to better see instrument panel):

All this work wouldn't be here if it wasn't for PixSim Team, who deserves all credit.
I would like to thank two special persons which helped me with the conversion:
Grumbel, whose excellent conversion tool (rfactortools-0.3.1) got me into modding and did the most part of the work;
and Paul Smith, who kindly did the menu art (and explained how to implement it) and helped with inner tweaks on car upgrades and realfeel files.
Thank you both, chaps.

The recommended tweaks for RealFeelPlugin.ini are inside the "A364 Realfeel.txt" file contained in the zip. Make sure you read this file first.

ATTENTION: This mod will *NOT* show up in the "All Cars" section, instead, it has his own menu entry. If you want it to appear in the All Cars section, then you must edit reiza14.rfm (reiza18.rfm if you're using 1.30+) found in rFm folder and let the following line like follows (add "reiza32" at the end):
Vehicle Filter = OR: StockV8 reiza1 reiza2 reiza3 reiza4 reiza5 reiza6 reiza7 reiza8 reiza9 reiza10 reiza11 reiza12 reiza13 reiza32


TECH: This mod uses the "reiza32" class, so if you happen to have another mod using this same class, both car types may race each other (which may or may not be a good thing, depending on what you want) :)

I would like to thank this community for letting me enjoy one of my hobbies in such a friendly environment. Cheers.

Suggested (personal recommendation) for better sounds (tyre scrubbing/skidding/etc) inside GSCE. Try if you like it:
Change these lines in your .PLR file [ Sound Options ] section:

SoundFX Volume="1.00000" // 0.0-1.0
Engine Volume="1.00000" // 0.0-1.0
Traction Control="1.50000" // Volume multiplier
Player Volume Ratio="1.00000" // Additional volume multiplier for player's vehicle
Other Volume Ratio="1.00000" // Additional volume multiplier for other vehicles
Music Volume="0.59677" // 0.0-1.0
Pit Volume="0.50000" // 0.0-1.0, controls volume of pit sounds while you're at the monitor
Spotter Volume="1.00000" // 0.0-1.0
Camera Volume="1.00000" // 0.0-1.0
Sound Detail="2"
Speed Of Sound="290.00000" // 340m/s at sea level, but lower numbers help exaggerate the Doppler effect
Crowd Range="75.00000" // Volume range parameter
Crowd Shape="0.75000" // Shape of volume attenuation
Crowd Ambient="2.50000" // Ambient range where volume is maximum
Airhorn Range="75.00000"
Airhorn Shape="0.75000"
Airhorn Ambient="2.50000"
Public Address Range="50.00000"
Public Address Shape="0.75000"
Public Address Ambient="2.50000"
Pithorn Range="30.00000"
Pithorn Shape="0.45000"
Pithorn Ambient="1.50000"
Helicopter Range="75.00000"
Helicopter Shape="0.70000"
Helicopter Ambient="2.50000"
Vehicle Scrubbing VolMult="0.0000710352"
Vehicle Scrubbing FreqGrip="-0.15000"
Vehicle Scrubbing FreqSpeed="0.00250"
Vehicle Skidding VolMult="0.0002220703"
Vehicle Skidding FreqGrip="-0.55000"
Vehicle Skidding FreqSpeed="0.00250"
Vehicle Roadnoise VolSpeed="32.00000"
Vehicle Roadnoise VolMult="0.0000080000"
Vehicle Roadnoise FreqMin="0.80000"
Vehicle Roadnoise FreqMult="0.00391"
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Latest updates

  1. Corrects a problem in the rFm files, which may crash the game during race start.

    Reupload of the mod. The change is in a small file, but the patching system requires all files...
  2. Correct PaceCar for A364 races

    This update corrects an error in the reiza32.rfm file, which may cause crashes at racing start...

Latest reviews

One of my favorite open-wheelers ever on rFactor 1.
I'm using it now on AMS, but could you improve it to ASM standards, please? :)
Great car. Thank you for the great effort on this conversion.
Check out my mirror fix posted in GSCx\Misc
Damn! This car rocks! It looks and sounds terrific!

Great job!
I have to agree with what's been said by others here. This a superb mod, great cars and tracks.

More or less as soon as I started driving them today, I sat there with a big grin across my face. The cars can take some abuse, are very forgiving, and so much fun to drive. Really nice sounds too :D

Highly recommended.
Really fun, including the tracks Nogaro and Charade
Most fun ive had in GSC is on this mod! :D Thanks
What a fun mod! Bravo!
This is great! These cars look fantastic and the sounds.... oohh the sounds - Lovely!
Absolutely Agree!! Ran a few laps at Floripa. Amazing! One of the funnest mods out there. Thank you :)
Some may say I am slightly biased Fernando. But these little cars with these settings are some of the best fun you can have with your pant's on! Great tracks as well. Great work by Pixsim.
Fernando Zart
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