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Alpine A110 1600S Drift Tune 2019-09-02

Alpine A110 drift turbo rework

  1. alekabul
    0.jpg Screenshot_alpine_a110_drift_tune_la_canyons_4-9-119-20-56-3.jpg
    It`s a sacrilege turning a rare nice car into a drift banger, but at least in game we can afford that at minimal cost. For an easier drift setup and a Time attack setup see this post.

    Alpine A110 1600S is a 2 door coupé with a rear mounted engine driving the rear wheels. It`s unmodified engine is a naturally aspirated petrol 1.6 litre 4 cylinder. And if you wonder what would it be with a performance package like that of a little racing Abarth from Kunos, then wonder no more. Slapping on it the same 1.1 bar turbo gives a power hump adding 42 % over the original max torque. There is a typical 50 kg increase in weight associated with such upgrade but it`s very much worth it for 41 % increase in P/W ratio here.
    Of course now it needs a better clutch, final drive, new tune for the suspension and brakes, and for the purposes of driving doors first thru the corners - 0 Ackermann and more lock. Rims change from R15 to R16 so the sidewalls are now even less of a factor in handling. The Abarth`s GT3 style v10 hard slicks resized 185/35 R16 are very good for control and speed or you can unpack the old v3 tires in data and see if there is some more fun in them, but mind the braking power difference from 1000 Nm to 1850 Nm. The new second set of v10 semislick tires needs typically +3 psi (F) and +5 psi (R) to reach optimal 30 psi in race.

    On the visuals I did minor changes like the wheel blur, add more skin colors, redo F6 cameras, replace driver figure with 60`s, new flames working. Sound swapped for "Abarth 500 Assetto Corse", but also I edited sounds.ini for some difference between the two cars.

    Finally word to those that only want the faster car but not for sliding - in the car`s folder find and unpack "standard data.7z" over the contents of "data" folder. That restores the setup to pro-Ackerman normal lock of ~30 degrees as opposed to 0-Ackerman drift lock of ~50 degrees. Also you can try in data the "-linear-.7z", "-faster middle-.7z" or "-slower middle-.7z": unpacking one over the "car.ini" gives you a different steering to match your personal preferences. Default is on linear for both standard and drift. If you prefer editing
    that`s the one value for normal ~30 degree lock. The smaller the value of "STEER_RATIO" - the bigger the lock and more difficult to handle.
    For enabling ABS use the file from this post.

    If you are still undecided on what FFB settings are best here are mine
    Give them a go to see if they work for you. Basically I use "Gamma" (100 - X percent of deadzone) instead of "Minimum force" and once the center feels nice set the "Gain" to a value below 100 enough for a prolonged play with minimum muscle strain. Then I don`t change it for the different cars and tracks, I change the cars settings.

    Big thanks to the unknown guys who did the initial work years ago and to whoever gave it to the community!
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