ALMS 2003 JML Team Panoz

ALMS 2003 JML Team Panoz 1.0

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Second release from the P900 class of ALMS 2003...and last until a time when someone models the R&S MKIIIC or Lola B2K/10. Not the most beautiful of liveries, but alas, available in all their 4K-ness for the VRC Pavey. The liveries changed a few times throughout the season but I think this is an accurate representation of the cars that ran the latter half of the season.

#10 JML Team Panoz (Beretta/Saelens)


#11 JML Team Panoz (Jeannette/Maxwell)

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Thanks a lot for adding some top quality works on this car ! ;-)
Great Work!
Great work! These cars are a blast to drive, so it's always nice seeing more high-quality skins being made for them.
Keep up the good work!
Totally forgot Maxwell drove these things
your liveries are awesome! Thanks for making these ALMS cars