Allflattious Season 4 McLaren Skin (Made by KeisariKine) 1.0

The 2019 Fantasy McLaren Honda Andretti Skin, and numbers for Grosjean and Vandoorne

  1. allflattious
    Hey guys! So as a lot of people asked on my videos for the mods for my Season 4 of F1 2016 Career Mode to be released on RaceDepartment, so here we go!

    Next up is the McLaren Honda Andretti skin, once again made for me by @KeisariKine ! The inspiration for this car came from the IndyCar McLaren that Fernando Alonso drove in his bid to win the Indy 500 in 2017, it's a wonderful orange and black skin that I hope you guys will enjoy!

    McLaren ScreenShot 1 for RD.jpg

    McLaren ScreenShot 2 for RD.jpg

    Included in the mod are the McLaren skin (decal and paint file), sfc file, and numbers for both Romain Grosjean and Stoffel Vandoorne who are my McLaren drivers in the Career Mode! The mod readme assumes you have a decent knowledge of Erp Archiver and how to install mods, if enough people request it, Kine will make an erp 'drag and drop' version of the skin!

    You can see the mod in action in my Youtube Career Mode videos; if you want to use this mod in your Youtube videos please credit Kine with his RaceDepartment link! Hope you enjoy this second mod release! And the many more to come as the series gets released! :D

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