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All Teams Career Helmet Pack 2 (Alonso)

All Teams Career Helmet Pack 2 (Alonso) 1.22

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All Teams Career Helmet Pack 2

Copy and paste the files from the "copy and paste" folder into the game directory. That is, copy and replace "F1 2019" with "F1 2019".
Tested on version 1.22 (Senna vs Prost)
Do not forget to backup the original files.

In game:
Follows the tutorial attached to the file for correct colors (red, green, blue).

It does not work online for me.

thank you.png

Thanks to jburon72 for 3d models.
Thanks to Töttös Dani for help render settings.

Latest reviews

Magnificent mod. It looks good and it's easy to download exept other mods I stumbled on.
Great job !
Dismissals have started after the 1.22 update. What do you think may be the problem?
Excellent job mate, thanks! Just got a question: How can I just add the specific DDS that I want (Ferrari's in this case) without change the other default helmets?
Look here on the forum or on youtube for a tutorial on how to import a dds. You will need to use Ego ERP Archiver
Amazing work!
Do you think you could do a pack for a driver from the US? it would be greatly appreciated
Outstanding designs, but unfortunately the helmets cause an audio bug each time I install. I've tested this extensively over the past two days and seem to always get the bug (essentially stuttered audio, but with the complete loss of commentator commentary and engineer audio).

I've tried a few of the helmets (mainly the first 5) but unfortunately can't seem to find out what's causing it.
fantastic work. love the helmet
damn! i started to become greedy! may i request a mod pack of helmets for Mick Schumacher together with our 7-times champ Michael?

#keep fighting Michael
If I have time, I do.
Awesome Helmets again ...
it's just too bad to just put the files in the game and do nothing at all. For me it should be more mod like that (can you do more) thanks you
once again great job
Love the helmets, but I got one question.
Is it all or nothing? I mean, I want to use the Redbull and the Ferrari helmets now, but with drag and drop it will overwrite all of my custom helmets too right?
Right. I just forgot to put the separate dds files for anyone who wants to install them manually. In a future update I put the files.
another great mod
i love this yellow red bull helmet
Awesome job mate :D
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