Alivieska GPS [Updated 2019]

Alivieska GPS [Updated 2019] 2.0

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This mod is an update of the Alivieska GPS mod[discontinued] 1.0.3 by Wampa842( And small additions and deletions. (New map Texture From MSCEditor(

Extract AlivieskaGpsServer.dll to the mods folder.
Extract Alivieska GPS client wherever you like.
Start My Summer Car and the GPS client. (Create/Load Save)
Click on "Connect" in the GPS client.
And have fun!

(To use it you just need to launch a game and connect the Client Application)

Source :

By default, the web server listens on TCP port 8080. It can be changed using the console command gps (see below) or in the server.cfg file.
It can serve its content as either XML (used by the client) or JSON. You can select which one by editing server.cfg.

Console command usage (Only in Game):
gps [-p <port>|--port <port>] COMMAND
where COMMAND is:
  • start: starts listening on the specified or default port.
  • stop: halts web server.
  • restart: stops and then starts the web server.
  • write [xml] [json]: writes the output to a file in the specified format(s).
  • help: display usage message.
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Latest updates

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    New Features : Clock, Train, New icons, choose your refresh period
  2. Alivieska GPS 1.1

    fixed a small bug in the client application. Adds a new image for the map From...
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