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Alis Circuit

Alis Circuit 1.0

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My first track mod project.

!Best enjoyed with Custom Shaders Patch and Grass FX active!



Track designed completely from scratch in Blender, most of the stuff modeled myself.
With a length of 7.1km, a lap is a bit longer than Spa, with many different sections and quite a bit of undulation.
Track should be enjoyable with most machinery, slow road cars are not recommended however

32 Pit boxes
Working AI
DRS Zones
Track Map

In the future (if I get around to it) I might add 3D grass without Grass FX and Tires in the pits as well as Pit Crew objects.

Thanks to all the modders exchanging information in the forums, especially Luchian and LilSki for their tutorials.

If you want to support me, here is my PayPal.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0 is here

    Reworked some curbs, some materials/textures, added some more detail to the track as well as a...
  2. Cut!

    Added track cameras
  3. Performance optimization, track details and transparent map

    Made some performance optimizations (cannot test here, would be nice if I could get confirmation...

Latest reviews

Great work!
This is a great track for me it's quite challenging but also very enjoyable it just keeps on giving, great work my friend.
excellent track, thank you! :)
Wow, what a fun track...tough to get it right, but satisfying. Great job!
Really fun circuit. It has a kind of epic scale to it, like Spa etc.
The esses part is brilliant, that it's very difficult to get the initial corner entry because it's almost blind.
Great track to drive - so good to see quality like this.
Love, love, love your track mate.
Fantastic is possible to add 60 grid for endurance race :)
Unfortunately the model is not built for it... 32 Grid is max
Izzy, your track just gets better and better all the time. Luv that map. Thanx
Coming along very nicely. Thanks for your continuing effort.
Looks great! keep up the good work!
Great job!
Thanks so much for the real track map. I know you put some work in that. Unfortunately AI are sitting all around the track.
Thank you, great job!!
Now that you've fixed the pits AI I want to give you 6 stars !!! thank you!
I'm always all in to do cams for tracks that doesn't have it, but this one is too heavy at the moment. Waiting for an update with performance improvements and good luck on the development! ;)
Great track!
cars do not leave pits in practice and qualy race weekend. please fix.
Light is back :)
That's just plain bad. Now you have a winner of a track. All you need now is a standard white line map. You hit the big times
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