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Algarve (2 Seasons, 3 Layouts) 1.04

Autódromo Internacional do Algarve for AMS

  1. Update the AI parameters to AMS v1.5x standards, Additional tweaks

    Patrick Giranthon
    (Algarve_AMS_V1.04.7z) MD5 = FB830CDE5840B7843D106E0B1C8C8A7B

    A maintenance update for Portimao to bring the AI up to the latest AMS standards. The pit wall engineer boxes have been replaced to reduce the z-fighting problems with these objects. Tweaks to the sun blending angles. Tweaks to the lighting colors. New loading screens and mini maps.

    Special note :
    It should be possible to overwrite an old version with this update.
    However if you have any loading errors be sure...
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  2. grass and temps updates

    Patrick Giranthon
    Sept 17 update
    grass and temps
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  3. Portimao for AMS v1.02 full track package, Shadow fixes

    Patrick Giranthon
    Some microscopic fixes for shadows and marshal huts, in a full track package download.

    If you update from a previous version the "Update1.mas" is no longer used and can be deleted from the Algarve folder.
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  4. Portimao for AMS - Update Only to v1.01

    Patrick Giranthon
    Optimize the VisGroups, Gain a bit of performance at lower track detail levels.
    Attempt to solve blue text in DynHUD, better but still a problem.
    Revised horizon with improved lighting.
    LOD increase to some objects to improve rear view.
    Add "- Summer" to the UI menu.
    Gravel is deeper and a little more "sticky"
    Some corrections and optimizations to materials and vertex colors.

    You need to have v1.0 installed then over write with the v1.01 update....
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