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Algarve (2 Seasons, 3 Layouts) 1.04

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What a job.

So much time and effort went into this track conversion, with too many changes to list. A massive collaboration from myself and Gringo, pushing each other to reach a higher level.

Thanks to Denis for the loading screens and mini maps.
Thanks to Luigi for his camera work.
Thanks to Patrick and Greg for MAX work, the latest RZ road shaders and full AMS graphics effects.
Thanks to Greg for the AI, physics, and packaging.

The base track model has been extensively modified to match the current real life track as much as possible.


Latest updates

  1. Update the AI parameters to AMS v1.5x standards, Additional tweaks

    (Algarve_AMS_V1.04.7z) MD5 = FB830CDE5840B7843D106E0B1C8C8A7B A maintenance update for Portimao...
  2. grass and temps updates

    Sept 17 update grass and temps
  3. Portimao for AMS v1.02 full track package, Shadow fixes

    Some microscopic fixes for shadows and marshal huts, in a full track package download. If you...

Latest reviews

Excelent race track, and the beauty track. This circuit could easily be in F1 today.
Great job! Thanks!
Should get 5-star rating just for the z-fighting piece ;) With all the rest, 6 stars.
One of my favourite tracks. Thanks
Excellent. An improvement over the other version which is available here on RD. AI is really competitive. Looks great. Nice to drive around.

Thank you :)
Amazingly well done job!
Top quality track. Thanks
Than you very much!!!
thank you
Respect for this really good and detailed Work. I love this track.
Really love this track. Nice elevation changes. Thx amillion :)
As allways top quality track from patrick, thanks to the wonder team !
Thanks for bringing over one of my fav circuits!
What a great track! Thanks to all of the team. I´m still trying to close my mouth after seeing the low flying birds. :-)
Really good track . Really fun to drive. Another top mod from Patrick Giranthon. Thanks !
One of my favourite tracks. Awesome, thanks.
Really impressive! Amazing graphics, solid AI, light on FPS (good for older rigs), has all 3 homologated layouts (the standart GT layout, the FIM layout and the F1 GP layout).
One of the best tracks from PG crew, a must have!
What can i say, shut up and take my 5 stars. Portimao is a special one because of its elevations, so this is a really great add imo.
Thanks for getting this track into AMS at such exceptional quality. Top job! Thanks to all involved.
Perfect addition to existing tracks. Thanks!
Patrick Giranthon
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