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Alfa Romeo helmet special Italian edition

Alfa Romeo helmet special Italian edition 1.0

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I've made a helmet for Alfa Romeo carrer inspired by Italian flag with polish white eagle on top. Hope you will like it.
kask alfa monza upload.png

!There are two versions inside - with or without number!
If you want to use it without number - you can just exact texture and sfc files just like shown on youtube clip (with Ego ERP Archiver).
If you want it with your number - open file "kask alfa monza upload with number" with photoshop, double click "carrer_helmet_d" and search for "22" layer and change the number. Then save the files like shown on video below and exact them with Ego ERP Archiver.

How to install
kask alfa monza upload.png
kask alfa monza upload1.png
kask alfa monza upload2.png
kask alfa monza upload4.png
kask alfa monza upload3.png

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5 stars for you !! Run very good with version 1.18.2
This is really nice. I love the brush effects and it's simplicity.
Excellent work.
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