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Alex Marquez Repsol Honda 2020 Livery

Alex Marquez Repsol Honda 2020 Livery 1.0

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This is a livery of the Rider Alex Marquez who has just moved into MotoGP from Moto2 in this year 2020.
The basic skin was taken from a 2020 mod made by AlicaNafezaa (at https://alicamodgp.blogspot.com), but there the skin of Alex Marquez was awful and unrealistic, so I mixed the skins of Marc and Alex Marquez and made a new (and nearly perfect) skin for Alex Marquez.
MotoGP13 2020-05-28 21-47-01-04.jpg
MotoGP13 2020-05-28 21-47-09-47.jpg
MotoGP13 2020-05-28 21-47-17-61.jpg
MotoGP13 2020-05-28 21-47-27-77.jpg

And the in-game photos:
MotoGP13 2020-05-28 21-56-48-66.jpg

MotoGP13 2020-05-28 21-55-48-88.jpg
MotoGP13 2020-05-28 21-53-51-73.jpg

Note: Helmet wasn't perfect then, but now it is... Check out the updates section for the updated screenshots.

Thanking you all sincerely,
Mike Alvarez.

Latest updates

  1. Update: Helmet perfected and gloves-boots fixed

    Update v1.0: Helmet misposition fixed. Changed the boots colour and brand (from Sidi to...
Mike Alvarez
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