Alcoa and Michelin Wheels 1.02

Alcoa & Michelin wheels

  1. r199
    Alcoa-and-Michelin-Wheels-Mod-1.jpeg Alcoa-and-Michelin-Wheels-Mod-2.jpeg
    Alcoa-Widebase-and-Michelin-XZY3-Mod-1.jpeg Alcoa-Widebase-and-Michelin-XZY3-Mod-2.jpeg Alcoa and Michelin Wheels for all trucks.
    This contains an Alcoa 22.5×11.75 widebase rim with a compatible Michelin XZY3 385/65R22.5 tire. The rim is a thoroughly de-polied version of RBR-DUK’s Alcoa widebase.
    The combined poly count is less than 9000 tris and so should perform well on mid- to high-range computers.

    Tested Game Version