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AL SUPERCARS 2016/2014

This is replicas of (V8) Supercars Volvo S60 and Holden Commodore VF from 2016 and 2014.
The models and liveries are simplified to save some time, but they can be improved later.
I thought it was better to release them now than wait a long time for everything to be finished.

The Australian Supercars are special in many ways. They have a lot of engine power, but not that good handling or braking ability.
They also have a 'locked' differential, so slow, tight corners are a challenge.

If you have an old version installed, delete that one first
(...\Race 07\Gamedata\Teams\V8 Supercars 2014 and ...\Race 07\Gamedata\Talent\V8 Supercars 2014)
Unpack this zip-file into your Race 07 folder

Updates from last version:
* Reshaped Volvo S60 from mainly standard road car shape to the shape of the race car.
* New updated materials
* Normals tweaking for smooter surface
* Remade physics and setups completely
* Added Holden Commodore VF 2016

Limitations at this point:
This is very much an ongoing project, so there are some 'limitations'.
* Holden Commodore has S60 interior for now
* No Nissan Altima or Ford Falcon
* Tyres need more testing and balancing
* Drivers talent are a little bit 'random'
* Only a few cars included:
Redbull Racing Australia 2016
Team Vortex 2016
Holden Racing Team 2016
Volvo Polestar Racing 2014 (Alexandre Prémat is replacing Scott McLaughlin)
Wilson Security Racing GRM 2016

This mod is made to be uploaded at, and should NOT be uploaded anywhere else.

Andreas Larsson

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  1. AL SUPERCARS 2016/2014

    AL SUPERCARS 2016/2014 Updates from last version: * Reshaped Volvo S60 from mainly standard...

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Very good mod, well packaged. I'm awaiting now the Ford Falcon eagerly ;-)
Have downloaded and tried this mod and it seems quite good, but would like to integrate it into the V8 Supercars competition rather than just have it in it's own Garry Rogers Motorsport group.