AL Super Touring Seasons

AL Super Touring Seasons 2.11

No permission to download
i got a little issue with the cars sounds. only got the bmw ones
Easily the best reason to keep Race07 installed on your machine.
Fantastic selection of great looking and even better sounding cars that are great fun to race with.
Please give me video how to instal this MODs
It is very easy, just unzip into your main Race07 folder. The player file changes are optional.
Incredible mod, such awesome racing
Thought i'd come back to Race07, after moving to newer sims and saw this new update, Great update, though still sad i can't mix all the years in one race, due to conflicts. Great mod though keep up the great work.
I love this mod! It makes me feel younger. Thank you very much!
Stunning work.
Very nice work. No issues at all. Really brings back my old game. Thanks
Best update yet Andreas. Great work as always
Vielen Dank! Großartige Arbeit. :-)
Very good
Excellent work
Toca is back
Absolutely bloody brilliant. Arguably my all time favourite mod. Thank you so much !
Fantastic mod, hours of fun
Looks good, but FAR to complicated to install.
You mean literally unzip game date to gamedata folder? I dont think so. I think I need to make sure each file goes in the correct folder. Can some kind chap make a tutorial video for people like me ?
I must say thanks for the amazing mod. This alone is an open love letter for one of the greatest periods of motorsport.
Pretty good update. Having an issue with the AIW files making tracks disappear from the game but I'm sure that's something on my end. AI go a bit odd occasionally at some tracks but is to be expected. Models are fantastic, attention to detail is spot on (Can say 100% for the Primera 97 since it's at our uni). Excellent mod and best of luck for the Future :D
Really great mod. Really impressive work but I found a bug in 1.7.
The Renault Laguna isn't driving a straight line, it's always going a bit left. Fells like the wheel isn't in a neutral position.
Wonderfull update
Play Race 07 and this mod for a long time still play it and looks an feels so good now.
Would be a very good addition to ASSETTO CORSA
just keeps getting better and better !
It's one of the most impressive projects for this sill very amazing game! Update 1.7 makes the mod and game even greater!
Stunning update.
5 stars bro, 5 Stars
All the time and effort put in for us gamers to enjoy for free. Thanks for your dedication and valuable time.
Wonderful work. Great quality. Thank you!
Great mod, especially considering the bulk of the mod has been done by one person. This 1.2 update in my opinion finally updates the visuals to GTR2/Race 07 standards.
so much work and detail , this has the modern games beat
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