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AIW & Tyre wear Fix for AbuDhabi 2009 1.0

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Alternative AIW & TDF for LMT_AbuDhabi 2009 by

Important: I have NOT converted/uploaded any original track files for public use as I have no permission to do so.
These files are for use as updates to the original track, for anyone who already has it.

What these files do:

The AIW file controls the paths, fuel, and some behaviour of the AI.
The TDF file controls the grip & bump levels of various surfaces.

The original AbuDhabi09 AI behaviour is already pretty good, but for some open wheel cars, there are several problems that show up when offline racing:

1) The original fast path uses a lot of kerbs which cause the AI to spin frequently (and even flip over occasionally).

2) The AI cut across several chicanes and other corners (not just by small amounts, but often by massive chunks) ;

3) some of the tighter turns cause problems as the AI are unable to get power down through the turn, causing them to lose their rear grip & half spin.

These AIW & TDF files have been created to resolve these problems,may be an improvement for most open wheel cars. They should also work equally well in rFactor & GSC.

Simply back up your original AIW & TDF and insert these in their place.
NOTE you can use either one or both of these files, it is not necessary to use both of them if you do not like the grip changes, but the changes are not really noticeable and they do help settle the cars through turns, & help to match the pace of the AI and the Player.


Changes made:
adjustment to overall dry grip level & AIDryGrip level, to balance player & AI performances, and to improve cornering and overall handling.

New fast path created, including new corridors. Still not perfect, but the cars will no longer cut across chicanes & are no longer spinning or flipping over on the kerbs and are running more consistent laps as a result.

Braking ability reduced very slightly as it helps reduce the crashes on street circuits.

AI cars adjusted so they are less likely to slow down or give up the place when pushed.

It's a street circuit so there will always be a bit of contact, & I have purposely left one or two areas where cars might drift wide of the track while fighting for position. But overall it should allow some fighting from the AI without too much damage or illegal corner cutting.
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