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Aintree 2.0 3

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Converted from rfactor. I left in some nasty bumps (or should that be jumps?) My last upload as a track editor. It's been fun.
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4.05 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Aintree Final 3.0

    I've massively improved this track and brought it up to a standard I'm happy with. I've made the...
  2. More realistic textures, better road surtace.

    No more shiny textures. Still bumpy as f&^k.

Latest reviews

Very nice this track and scenery. Good work. Recommended. Thanks
Thank you very much for another classic track. The bumps do give my eyes a little workout with VR but allot of fun. hehe All your tracks look great in VR and trying some of the others as I find them. Enjoy these tracks better much better in AC than in Rfactor and with VR really brings out the scenery. take care.
Wonderful. I love classic track and your work is just perfect !

If i can ask for another missing conversion : Lienz, one of my favourite RF track, still missing in AC !
I love your classic tracks!
Thank you it's now what I hoped it would become and a special thank you for the extra pit boxes.
Thank you too for the other two tracks - sorry to hear you won't be doing any more I'd hoped you would convert the 1967 versions of Watkins Glen and Mexico[both sorely missed now that we have cars to race there].
Yes, it has issues. But the effort on these classic tracks is greatly appreciated!
Cool, huge visual improvement over the previous version and more pits. No complaining here ;-)
I'm giving 5 stars as a comparison to your previous works.

All three tracks that you have given us this weekend are a massive improvement on your previous track mods.

Keep up the good work, and I hope to see your earlier tracks bought up to this standard.
I won't be going back to the tracks I made previously, but I am now working on Brooklands.
thanks for this beautiful French track but I also join those who ask for more garage seats
I love that track. The only problem is that bumps are not visible and do not reflect the road meshes. You should change the road meshes and make real bumps.
With such small bumps you wouldn't see them, I know this because I originally had the bumpy roads set to render (be visible) and they still look flat as you drive on them.
I don't get some of these ratings. This track is marvelous. The bumps feel like they should be there, so I don't get the criticism. Only thing that needs work is the pit spaces
Thanks for share it bro, but it's a very poor conversion. Also extremely bumpy.
I like this warts and all.
Now that there's a 50's-60's F1 mod available I'd like to include it in a Championship.
Unfortunately 12 grid spots just isn't enough and that's why my rating is only 4 stars.
Is there a way to increase the number of grid places [20 or more for preference]?
Far too bumpy to be enjoyable for me, I'm afraid - it turned my motion platform into a pneumatic drill. I'm still looking for some of my fillings.
Pretty awful. No improvement on rFactor. In fact, it would be pretty bad if you were playing rFactor 13 years ago.

As I'm such an awful track editor you'll be pleased to know that I will not be releasing any more horrible efforts. But I will look out for your future releases.
Sometimes it is difficult to rate. I'd give 5 stars, but that would not be fair for some other tracks here at RD that are higher quality. But it's certainly worth having, fun to drive with old(er) cars. The bumpiness does not bother me, maybe it should even be like that. It's an old track...and it feels like it.
It looks way better than the first time I downloaded (and removed ) it. ;-)
So, if you don't mind, the track may not be excellent, but it certainly is good and deserves the 4 stars imo. Thanks for sharing.
I think 4 stars is plenty fair. 5 stars should be reserved for tracks such as Charade and Feldbergring. As I said in my 5 star review of Charade, 5 stars are given out way too often.
Awesome time travel track. The bumps with the Lotus 49 are insane. Only con is that in VR the tarmac is too bright, i had to set the time to evening or early morning and a bit cloudy to be able to play.
hope more port , and no bumppy road in future, thx!!!
It's long been a favourite of mine so hope you keep at it.
More pit spots absolutely essential [22 or more please].
Sad, but keep tryin
Yes, it loads and is drivable. But visually and physically its just not contemporary
Awesome ...Thanks

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