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AIM Vasser Sullivan Lexus GT3 Daytona 24 2020 Skinpack

AIM Vasser Sullivan Lexus GT3 Daytona 24 2020 Skinpack 2020-04-28

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File size
5.8 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 19 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. yellow windows fixed

    since the latest update of the car, some file name must have changed and the skins had complete...
  2. IMSA number panel is now lit up.

Latest reviews

Great work as usual and this "usual" is very much appreciated ! ;-)
Thanks a lot.
excellent ; but where have you found the template ?
thank you for the review. i made the template myself in Content manager, if you click on parts of the car you can export or download the AO or mesh of the car.
i love this skin just insane but you can also ask a question about the LED strips on the roof?
Five star job, what else can I say :)
Good job, love having authentic liveries in game.
Nice Skin mate! Is there any chance you could do the blue and yellow LED light config from the 2019 season? That would be awesome!!
Awesome job man! I decided to give these skins a shot as well and I think it's fair to say that I failed on many if not all levels. I'm so grateful there's people like you who actually know what they're doing and are still willing to share their skills with everybody in the hobby. Thank you!
Great job as usual, thank you very much for sharing your talent ! ;-)
Very clean livery, good job as always...
Pls do more liveries for this car, even fictional ones...! :D
Awesome, thanks! :)
Absolutely gorgeous, as always!
very nice work!! many thanks
Thnx, great work.
great work,is it possible to make the vln or the 24h Nordschleife skin?
thanks for these, they look great.

if only the physics weren't so far off on this mod...
top work..i hope that can more skins for this absolute top work car!..maybe some super gt skins? thanks for this awesome work!
Nice! Best Lexus gt3 mod out there. ACC quality.
Cool, any chance for more 2020 GTD skins?
amazing! moar liveries for it! 24h maybe?
i can look into it, yes ;)