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AI Turbo Mode 1.2

HPower improvement

  1. AI defending position and performance improvement

    Hi guys! with this update now AI will defend better their positions and also will brake a bit later.

    + AI will increase their pace more in order to defend or to get positions.
    + AI will try to block you a bit more agressive if you try to overtake them.
    + AI brake general performance improved.
    + AI Lotus team improved also the performance of some drivers were chaged closer to reality.
    + Added "normal" difficulty with the original cars hpower but with...
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  2. Adjusted AI levels

    AI Turbo Mode ver. 1.1

    + Adjusted AI levels.
    + Up to 5 AI difficulty levels.

    Melbourne example lap times per level:
    0 (Normal +) Career Mode. Q3 = 1:23,705
    1 (Turbo I) Career Mode. Q3 = 1:22,783
    2 (Turbo II) GP Mode. Q3 = 1:22,266
    3 (Turbo III) GP Mode. Q3 = 1:21,173
    4 (Hyper) GP Mode. Q3 = 1:19,281


    1. Turbo_I.jpg
    2. normal+.jpg
    3. Turbo_II.jpg
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