AI TRAFFIC - for Pacific Coast (0.95) 0.85

Pacific Coast layouts: AI Traffic (x3) Mansion Layouts (x2) New server layout (x1)

  1. Added - Traffic Loop Full - 2 x Mansion Layouts - New online server layout

    Now includes:

    PCH - Traffic Loop North (20km, 18AI)
    PCH - Traffic Loop South (26km, 24AI)
    PCH - Traffic Loop Full (46km, 43AI)

    PCH - Mansion Downhill (3km, 8 pits)
    PCH - Mansion Hillclimb (3km, 8 pits)

    PCH - Freeroam (50 slots max)
    (For Servers - a list of pit box numbers is in the freeroam folder)
  2. Added AI Traffic South Loop layout...

    Tweaked the North Loops starting points... this has meant limiting the AI to 18... (1 AI per km)
    Added the South Loop AI Traffic for 24 AI Traffic... (again 1 AI per km)
    Added a few road closed barriers...
    Any issues I'll sort for when I add the 45 AI, full loop.
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  3. Better AI line so they don't hit the gas station.

    The AI smoothly make their way around the gas station now...
    I chose 32 Abarth 500's let them run for 10 minutes...
    And there were no retirements at all

    These were obviously all the same performance, so harder for them to catch the car in front and try and overtake.

    If this works better let me know :)
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