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AI JARAMA 2019-09-11

AI Line Jarama

  1. Maxstrong01
    Hi All,
    as the AI for the Jarama track was not working properly I did a new fast lane and pt lane for the Jarama track made by Stig's Cousin which is at the moment the better vesion you can find. I tested it and now the AI works thanso I liked to share it with you.
    In case you do not have and want to get the track just google Jarama Stig's Cousin.
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Recent Reviews

  1. StillRiver
    Version: 2019-09-11
    I have been waiting for Jarama, thank you. AI is very good. Track quality is ok. It is a shame there are only 20 PIT boxes.
    1. Maxstrong01
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunatly this is the best Jarama available at the moment. I do not know if any modders is working to a new version of it.
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