Ahvenisto Race Circuit

Ahvenisto Race Circuit 1.1.4

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  • Fixed overbright 3D grass
  • "Old" 3D grass flowers are now visible when GrassFX is enabled
NOTE: It is advised to remove old track folder when updating from v1.1.0 to v1.1.1

  • Added CSP grass fx
  • Added CSP VAO patch
  • Added remaining track lights
  • Changed road edge texture mesh to use texture masking
  • Fixed invisible treeline texture when using CSP
  • Fixed something here and there what got screwed up in the last update
  • Removed unnecessary road.kn5 file from track folder
  • Simplified guardrails 3D mesh to reduce moire effect
NOTE: It is advised to remove old track folder when updating from v1.0.3 to 1.1.0

  • Added flowers on grass around the track
  • Added most of track lights (Mostly used for skiing track in real life on winter)
  • Added an option to delete 3D people by deleting or renaming people.kn5 file in the track folder
  • Adjusted logos on large billboards
  • Adjusted ground textures
  • Adjusted ground textures placebo effect for more realistic and natural coloring
  • Adjusted some kerbs shape slightly
  • Adjusted forest density and tree textures
  • Changed track grip from 1.0 to 0.98
  • Changed pit grip from 0.98 to 0.95
  • Changed treeline texture
  • Changed flat 2D bushes to Y-shape
  • Modeled windows with reflective shader to one of the buildings
  • Modeled small lake to its location
  • Moved white line markings vertically closer to the road
  • Pitboxes
    • Increased spacing between pitboxes
    • Increased pitboxes count from 20 to 30
    • Pitboxes starting from 11th moved to open pit area
    • NOTE: AI driver may not successfully drive to the track from pitboxes on the open pit area!
  • Remodeled all guardrails
  • Remodeled 3D grass areas
    • Adjusted density
    • Fixed clipping through white line markings
  • Removed flat 2D peoples
  • Removed smaller billboards in last corner
  • Removed static F3 camera (Spectator, cameras_1.ini)
  • Changed most of tyre barriers texture to painted blue and white
  • Fixed location of corner names
  • Moved first sector to first corner (Read note below)

NOTE: Starting from the pit, you have to drive one complete lap before lap times are counted. This is done to prevent overly fast laptimes started from the pit. Hotlap mode works normally.
This may cause issues with already driven lap times because first sector is in different position. This should be fixed by deleting old lap time and driving new one.
  • Added feather banners to spectators area
  • Added more trees to some areas
  • Added 2D and 3D people around the track (3D people created by Lemax)
  • Added subdued reverb effect when going under the bridge
  • TV camera #5 is no longer behind a tree
  • Fixed transition from TV camera to TV camera
  • Fixed sector times
  • Added billboard before T1
  • Changed Assetto Corsa billboards to real ones
  • Fixed overbright bushes
  • Fixed key_not_found_errors for ai_hints.ini and cameras_0.ini files
  • Fixed some guardrails texture
  • Fixed pit guy standing inside pit building
  • Gap between guardrails is now transparent
  • Tweaked 3D grass and ground textures