Aero values 2019 1.2

excel file with 10% more lift coefficient front and rear wings.

  1. aleleva
    In accordance with the 2019 technical regulation and websites (newsf1), the modification of the front and rear wings will result in an increase of about 10% of lift coefficient.

    The file to download is an excel file with the new values.
    3 lines are from

    1) Use Ego ERP Archiver to extract xml files of teams car.
    2) Open xml with worldpad
    3) Copy 18 rows you find in excel ( for every team ) and paste after <F1Aero> and Save
    4)Import xml for each team using ERP Archiver and Save.

Recent Reviews

  1. AF Díaz
    AF Díaz
    Version: 1.2
    Awesome mod for 2019 seasons, great job dude, by the way I think you forgot change a value on the Force India XML file.
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