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Aero Kits for Performance Cars 1.0

Aero Kits

  1. MrCheesecake
    This mod adds aero kits to the cars in the Performance class, excluding the Cadillac CTS-V. Racing in stock cars isn't very exciting for me, so adding some body mods really makes it more immersive and feels like an actual race. This only affects the cosmetics of the cars, and do not modify the peformance and handling of them in any way. Models are imported from GRID 2 and are online-friendly.
    255220_screenshots_2014-12-08_00007.jpg 255220_screenshots_2014-12-07_00001.jpg 255220_screenshots_2014-12-08_00001.jpg 255220_screenshots_2014-12-08_00002.jpg 255220_screenshots_2014-12-08_00004.jpg
    • Visual damage is not fully functional for all three cars. Stock parts will have normal damage, but modified parts will only have scratches.
    • Front and rear bumpers* will not register visual damage, and wings/spoilers will not either. *C63 rear bumper has visual damage.
    • On the M3, the front splitter intersects visibly with the original bumper, causing flickering at close to medium distances.
    • On the RS5, the rear bumper and exhuast intersects visibly with the original.


    1. 255220_screenshots_2014-12-08_00010.jpg
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