AE86 Toyoyta 2.49


  1. Rupe Wilson
    please not this in not my work,
    this is a for me one of the best mods of rfactor, so to upload it to RD and maybe use it in a club race will be a dream.
    Another car that is great to drive and will provide great racing,
    did i mention how good this mod sounds. comes with a great set of skins also.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Hiroshi Awazu
    Hiroshi Awazu
    Version: 2.49
    This mod is brilliant!. It is definitely one of the better mods out there for rFactor. Thanks for sharing.

    Great to see that there is still much love for rFactor here.
  2. mopro
    Version: 2.49
    Thanks for uploading this excellent mod by gonzokool. I wonder what he/she's doing now. This mod is one of the all time best, along with siimanuk's corvettes and NSX, DRM mod etc.
  3. robclark60
    Version: 2.49
    Absolutely Brilliant Handles well great sound one of the best mods I have Love your work!
    1. Rupe Wilson
      Author's Response
      the author had done a brilliant job on this mod. just glad i was able to uploaded it to RD.
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