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ADM Raceway (Myachkovo)

ADM Raceway (Myachkovo) 1.5.1

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The territory of the Myachkovo airfield has been used for motor racing since 2002. In 2005, the road was completely rebuilt, supplemented with some buildings and structures, and in 2006 it was put into series. After the demolition of the "Neva Ring" in St. Petersburg, for several months it was the only professional ring track in Russia.
The track version 2006 year.

- 32 boxes
- CSP GrassFx, RainFx, VAO

- Dmitry Gavrilenko (DGaus)
- Andrey Korotkov (Andkorot from HTRacingS)

Official HTRS Online Championship: https://vk.com/htracings

Latest reviews

Exactly the kind of tracks that I don't like : flat, all corners inside corners inside corners around a ring just to make it longer. no scenery, no travel feeling. Urk. Well, I'll give it a try anyway...
First of all, perfectly made, good road feel, curbs, details... Everything is on point. Second of all, damn that was a fun race !! pretty much close battle all the way in BTCC, I wasn't expecting that much. It might make me like this kind of layout actually...

I love it. Thank you ! A lot. 5/5 for sure
Andrey Korotkov
Andrey Korotkov
Great, thanks!
Excellent track! I loved it! Here's my contribution to this wonderful work you've made! https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/camtool-for-adm-raceway-myachkovo.43005/
Andrey Korotkov
Andrey Korotkov
Thank you!
Need to add drift configuration
Good track, quite tricky, nicely done
thank you very much.
Andrey Korotkov
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