Adidas driver suit 2016 and gloves template 1.0

assetto, driver suit 2016, driver gloves, template

  1. Michael Doherty
    Fully loaded PSD template with car, fuel, and oil logos. Many color variations to choose from.
    This is a PSD template to make it easier for you to make suits/gloves of any colour you wish with a design and logos already in place.

    Once your suits/helmets are complete and converted to dds files, place the files in your car folder and make sure to delete the skin.ini from the same folder. (The skin.ini over rides the suits/helmets, this is why you must delete it)

    Also I have a Sparco driver suit 2016 template, Here:
    and a crew suit, gloves and helmet template here: blue gloves.jpg blue.jpg green gloves.jpg green.jpg grey gloves.jpg grey.jpg light green.jpg orange gloves.jpg red.jpg red gloves.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Patrick.B
    Version: 1.0
    Good :-) But how to install please?
    1. Michael Doherty
      Author's Response
      It is a template, you need to choose the colors and logos and then save as a dds, if you want, i can convert some for you if you tell me the color and car munufacturer, oil and fuel logos.
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