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Adelaide Clipsal 500 2011 by Tewie and Rainmaker 1.0

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Adelaide Clipsal 500 2011 Street Circuit

This track was originally converted from F1 Challenge to rFactor by Redhawk and Flaux.
It was converted to GTR2 by Khan1670 and enhanced by RacerM.
The conversion and the enhancement for Assetto Corsa was done by tewie and Rainmaker.

-replay cameras
-working track map
-support for hot lap mode
-support for time attack mode
-23 pit boxes with working pit lane
-competitive AI made with AC v1.43

Adelaide_2011_2.jpg Adelaide_2011_3.jpg Adelaide_2011_4.jpg Adelaide_2011_5.jpg Adelaide_2011_6.jpg Adelaide_2011_1.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Adelaide Clipsal 500 2011 by Tewie and Rainmaker

    This project has been taken over by Rainmaker. This track was originally converted from F1...
  2. Updated to v0.90

    Updated in v0.90: Track textures updated Tree textures updated Some shaders adjusted
  3. v0.85

    Updated in v0.85: Rainmaker AI and Lighting fixes included Tyrebundle at first chicane relocated...

Latest reviews

Great fun, thanks!
Nice layout, with decent AI. Only thing holding back a 5 star rating is the lower-quality textures of the trees and other track-side objects. Nice job!
The track is great, but you need to add more pitboxes 23 is not enough. 28-32 would be great.
Good fun to drive. I tried ASR's Ferrari 643 F1 car round the circuit. It certainly helps having a car twith good brakes :)

You can view the lap here if You are Interested:
As mention below, need some improvements. But it is usable and fun to drive, good work and keep going!
Pretty good this one. Captures the hustle and bustle of Adelaide. A bit too clean for my liking, Adelaide should be dusty and rough, but a great effort. Very enjoyable to drive.
Well done but feels like ive gone back 10 years in gaming
Thx amillion! :)
graphica re fine, even if a little low poly here and there. Physics mesh could be finer, feels like not made up to AC recommendations
Awesome job, fantastic track ....cheers and thanks ! :)
beautiful , thank you.
Thanks Mate.now just need those 5 v8 supercars your working on for AC to go with it :)
Not bad
beautiful circuit but has bugs in the walls.
Thank you. Very nice and yes please more
Aussie tracks
Thanks mate for the great update ! :)
A great surprise, very good job!
Textures are still poor but the track is nice and still realistic.
On the other hand, Adelaide might be the track I hate the most in the world(in real life) cos of the blind corners, plus it's completely flat... lol
This is the quality which all track mods should reach. Thanks for your neat work.
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