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Adelaide 2011 1.0

Adelaide Australia

  1. Dennis Phelan
    April 2011

    Adelaide 2011 v1.0

    Converted to GTR Evo by Tewie.
    Installation: Unzip to your Race 07 folder

    Permission Granted by Redhawk.

    Adelaide 2011 - converted and updated to rFactor by Ryan Callan (Redhawk) and Kenneth Jurmann (Flaux).

    Original track by Ilidio de Souza (Wizzo), Stuart Griffiths (StuG) and Neil Faichney (krunch) for SCGT.

    Converted to F1 Challenge by Stuart Griffiths @ RSDG.



    Redhawk - objects, textures, AIW, project lead
    Flaux - textures, AIW
    pycat - cameras

    Thanks also to:

    BTB Xpacks
    CG Textures
    The Lonely


    Known issues:

    Flickering on grandstands and pit building
    Gaps between several track GMTs
    Pit building is not the modern version
    Track-side buildings still have original F1C textures although now with bump mapping.
    Some shadows pop-up in TV cam


    General information:

    Track supports forty vehicles on grid
    Runs at constant 70FPS+ here (full detail, 1080p 6xAA), but if you struggle with framerate issues then turning track detail from Full to High will remove 95% of the 3D crowds. Further performance can be gained by turning shadows from Max to High.
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