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Add-on for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 (Mercedes W12 & Aston Martin AMR21)

Add-on for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 (Mercedes W12 & Aston Martin AMR21) 0.9.3

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I missed in one word. There was no shaders for the W12 fins, but now I've fixed it. However, I not only did that but also I've added reflections to the fins.


The 3d model of the W12 horns have been improved slightly.

ACSPRH helmets now are correct for each drivers (Bottas and Stroll)

Thanks to @Fonsvinkunas who noticed of this. Hopefully, for the F1 2021 community pack update this week everything will be fixed (if there is another error)
I've done the changes below:

  • Added cast shadows feature at 1024x1024 (I can do more, but I think this is the normal for everyone) for the windscreen and the fins.
  • Improved the AMR21 and W12 fins 3d model.

I don't forget about the add-ons. This is an update I wanted to do long time ago but didn't have the time. I hope this fix the render glitch that it's on the windscreen (Please, let me know if the glitch is fixed up at all). I will try to upgrade it in the future, along a realistic W12 fin.


Alpine winglets add-on are in the TO-DO list and I will work on it again (they were in early alpha stage) as soon as I get at this again.
I didn't have time to improve all I would liked it.
  • The winglet and windscreen 3d model and shaders were slightly improved. It will improve in future updates. The same for the textures. The winglet shader in Mercedes W12 looks weird, with almost no gloss like the chassis. But they have the same shaders values and parameters. I don't know the reason of why it doesn't look glossy like the car chassis :/
  • The windscreen 3d model is slightly improved but still a little bit glitched. It will be remade in future updates.
  • Merged Aston Martin AMR21 add-on as they 'share' the same chassis/aerodynamic.
  • 'Discussion' tab could be used to tease new things for future updates, so stay tuned.