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Add-on for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 (Mercedes W12 & Aston Martin AMR21)

Add-on for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 (Mercedes W12 & Aston Martin AMR21) 0.9.3

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Great! Could you also do Alfa Romeo fins?
Noted down in the to-do list!
This is wonderful, but the ext_config file for Bottas skin you've included messes up his helmet if you are using ACSPRH. I've fixed it and can send it to you if you want to update this.
This is well done! I wonder if you would be able to do add-ons for the other RSS formulas, such as the 2018 and 2019?
ur a legend for these
Amazing work as always!!! Thank you !
Great little touch!
AMAZING !!!!!!!! great job mate, i love it
This is amazing!
This is exaclty what the RSS FH21 was missing, now every car feels unique.
Can you do, when you have time, Ferrari and Red Bull next?
Thanks :) I answered a Ferrari question before you, please read that :)

I've made a RB16B add-on, and it's about to be updated with the S-Duct outlet (surely later today or this weekend)
Awesome!! can you do the Ferrari winglets? the same that you did for Red Bull
Thanks. I have the Ferrari winglets in WIP, but there are few setbacks. I wanted to release them for the RSS FH20, which has a proper chassis and nose profile for the SF21 winglets, but I've suffered some setbacks these days. I will launch them very soon.

Nevertheless I have in WIP a new nose profile for the RSS FH21 in the future, based on the SF21. I maybe will post about it, so stay tuned following me.
fantastic. thank you!
This is amazing! Wow! I am speechless. It transforms the feel of the car dramatically--like a whole different car. Do you think this would fit the Aston Martin too, or possibly make an update for compatibility? Cheers!
For the next update (I'm busy these days) I will unify this for the Aston Martin too. I mean, you can do that now if you want, but the texture is black so is a little weird.
Thank you. This is a great mod. Looking forward to your next updates.
Thanks so much!
Excellent addon, well done and many thanks!
It works great,awesome add-on,do you think in the future you could make it work for the rss FH2020
Thanks :) Yes, I will try to not forget to people that don't have the RSS FH21 and I will try to adapt the add-ons for that car in next updates. In fact I was thinking to release today the SF21 fins for the RSS FH20, which is the best car that fit perfectly with that chassis. It may be for tomorrow.
Thank you very much for the tag! You did a great job!!
Thanks you for the skin :)
Great stuff, thank you!
Glad you like it! ^.^
Work perfect for me, AMAZING! thanks for your work
Glad it works perfect for you :)