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ACRLfuel 1.2.0

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Best App! Thank you.
Very simple, does what its meant to do and does it well. Its brilliant tbh, thanks a bunch for making it
Basic app, works well!
does its job very well
Excellent! Tks
Excelent app, does what it says! Thank you!
bravo précis et incontournable ! 8-)
Does everything I need and caused NO freezes! Congrats to the devs
Quickly calculates fuel consumption.
Nice app. The only problem are folders. By default you created 4 folders inside python folder, and now in game settings are like 4 new apps.

python folder is for one folder with app name. Every folder count as new app.

I created new folder "ACRLfuel" and moved all files inside. Now show inside the game one app with name ACRLfuel.

Just reupload with one folder inside the python folder will be easier for others to turn on app.
Thanks for spotting that, fixed with new version. But it is the same app.
Nice apps, many thanks! o/