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ACManager Version 2.3.3

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ACManager 1.7.8

The version 1.7.8 add the ability to import the skin directly from a RAR or ZIP file as for cars or tracks.
You can also even the best lap you have achieved.
ACManager can manage MOD AC on a different hard disk drive where AC is installed, it also manages the MOD that allows fonts to always have a clean AC folder. It also installs the MOD directly from a compressed file and much more.





Latest updates

  1. DLC Red Pack

    Version 2.3.3 included the DLC RED PACK
  2. best lap

    The version 1.7.8 add the ability to import the skin directly from a RAR or ZIP file as for cars...
  3. New look

    New look

Latest reviews

Excellent app which is very easy to take hand.
I don't know how somebody can rate 1*, writing so criticable things.
I've readen that the author isn't convenient and me, I can write that it isn't true. because before installing this app, I sent him 2 mp and he answered me within 24 hours, every time with words really polite.
Someone says also that we've to pay : not realy exact but giving to the author 3€ in front the time he passed to develop this app, I've just a word : RESPECT <=> let go to and U'll see.
Just one thing : I've no interest with the author, but sometime when I read some notes not really sincerely, I can't accept.
This app is the result of a person's work and he has every right to charge for it (and It's cheap).
If someone does not have patience to wait 30 seconds for loading a (fully functional) program, you should rethink your life :-)
Or pay the programmer ...

It works perfectly.
Only I see a downside: lack UX design.
But it is so helpful to me that this does not bother me.

Congratulations Monsieur Dorner.
thank you for your encouragement
Manuel Staedel
no no, there re another tools without payment.. bye bye
application dur a comprendre, j'ai pourtant beau placer les voitures en .rar dans le dossier MODDCARS crée, mais rien n'apparait dans la liste, si je veux ajouter manuellement ce n'est pas non plus possible car les fichiers ne sont pas visibles, et de plus il faut attendre 30 sec a chaque lancement du programme forçant a payer pour une application au final qui ne fonctionne pas ( chez moi )
1 il a un fichier d'aide et des JEP d'aide
2 à partir de la version 1.5.9 il y a la possibilité d'importer les mod directement des fichier rar ou qu'ils soient
3 pour voir un mod qui est compressé en rar ou zip il faut les decompresser
4 si vous avez déjà installé des MOD vous devez savoir qu'il faut les décompresser avant de les mettre dans assetto ...
le programme le fait automatiquement et de plus permet de les stocker sur un autre disque tout en étant visible par assetto.
Donc une étoile par une personne qui ne sait pas installer un mod, je trouve cela pas très correcte mais il faut de tout pour faire un monde
Ok yes, it took me a lil while to get this working properly, but that was more my incompetence than the app itself. Now that I have everything setup correctly and with the Authors updates (Reducing the amount of nag screens to only one 30 second nag screen when you first open the app. No prob.), I fully enjoy this app. Convenient is the word I'd use. Have patience when first moving files (cars and tracks) to the storage column because the program does need to load em in. But we're not talking hours, only a few minutes. After the initial loading of Cars and Tracks, it becomes so easy clicking Multi-tracks/cars and moving'em back n forth from game to storage. I PM'd the Author asking for help and he got back to me immediately and I appreciated that. I hope others give it another shot after the updates. Have patience and you'll be rewarded!
Thank you, that's encouraging remarks. ACManager is constantly changing as and measured users' requests. It is true that the first version was not top
nothing useful in this app
No use if it is only there it allows you to install MODS directly and automatically RAR or ZIP files, store them on another drive that is installed or AC, to activate or deactivate quickly clean record SETUP etc ...
Each version is better and better.
A must have for everybody who want to manage easily the mods.
And the possibility to have the mods on an other hard disk is a big advantage.
Thanks for the good job.
*Ignore the earlier bad reviews regarding the nag screen. The author has listened and its been reduced to a one off 20s nag on initial loading which is acceptable in my eyes*

Very useful app, is exactly what I was looking for. Ive not tried out all the functionality yet but the car and track import section work brilliantly and will help you keep tabs of what you have installed. Plus of course the ability to easily remove modded content painlessly. The interface needs a little aesthetic polish but I imagine this will come as the app progresses. Thankyou!
Thank you for the comments, I would just draw your attention to the fact that when you installed a mod or TRACK CAR with ACManager, you do not increase the size of the repertoire of AC because I use the directory junction technique.
Really useful. Particularly to clean out your installation from old mods or outdated. It updates fast when new content is launched, thought it would be excellent self-update functionality. I would love more features like a mod database that updates alone and tells you mod version and compatibility.
The proposed Evolution is interesting but I fear she will ask me much work. I will study the proposal.
If you want to make money with your app try to limit the functionnalities (or ask a donation) instead of showing a nag screen at each input action.
Following numerous remarks justified on gene caused by the nag screen I changed my application so that there is more than one 20-second nag screen in version 1.4.4.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Absolutely horrible application. The arrogance of this author to have a 5 second pop-up nag screen after EVERY SINGLE thing you do. Even if he removed that nag screen it wouldn't be more than a 2 or 3 star app, at the most. I defy you to spend more than 30 seconds in this application before you just close it.
I recognize gladly that my application is criticizable, but then to call me arrogant ago delimits not to cross, I do allow myself to insult people.
The nag screen was so annoying I gave up before I could even try the mod properly. It's a ridiculous way to force people to pay you for a mod.

I have donated to several people in past for mods, but always because I like their content after trying it. This forces you to donate before you have even tried the software properly. Surely reduced functionality or a trial period would be a much better way of doing this?
Following numerous remarks justified on gene caused by the nag screen I changed my application so that there is more than one 20-second nag screen in version 1.4.4.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
anoying nagscreen
Sorry really boring the message. Unusable.
Sorry if you nag screen bored
Nag screen appears after clicking on everything, made me want to remove this app after 5 minutes rather than consider donating.

The installation (setup) prefers french over English and even after selecting english as the language theres still a lot of french/english. This makes the GUI uncomfortable to navigate.
you need license or wait for 10 seconds each time you click something. Well, it's not a problem that makes me rate it 3 stars. It's because you have to define folder of AC, mod folder, and setting folder EVERYTIME you open this app. it's more convenient if it saves those locations when we close the app, so you don't have to choose folders of ac, mods AGAIN and AGAIN when we fire up the app. it's very useful though. Thx.
update 1.2.1 fix bug of backup setting folder
Great app !
All the functions I need (and more) are in one app. And it is easy to use.
Thanks a lot.

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