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ACE 2014 - AI Challenge Enhancer 1.40

Improved Driving Experience in Races against the AI

  1. RowingAce
    Welcome to ACE 2014 - The F1 2014 "AI Challenge Enhancer"!


    - Adjusted AI Team & Driver Performances (on track & fast forward) to match 2014 Season

    T1 - Mercedes, Williams, RedBull
    T2 - Ferrari, McLaren, Force India, Toro Rosso
    T3 - Lotus, Sauber
    T4 - Marussia, Caterham

    - Adjusted Player Car Performance to match simulated Quali times in dry conditions:
    • All cars (player and AI) have "pre-Monza" and "post-Monza" gears
    • Same Top Speeds for player and AI
    • reduced DRS an slipstream effect
    - Reworked ai_vehicle_track & ai_track files to match AI-on-track Performance to player's Performance in dry, light & full rain conditions in qualifying and Race.

    - Reworked fuel and tyre effects for AI.

    - adjusted fuel amounts and usage per lap for player & AI

    - reduced chances of additional engine Power for AI Cars

    - adjusted difficulty levels (all levels are closer to Legend)

    Known issues:

    - Wet qualifyings: when using fast forward in wet qualifying sessions, times will go berserk (especially in full wet), so avoid using it.
    light rain fast forward works "ok" (within 0.5 secs to on-track times) on these tracks:
    • spa
    • monza
    • catalunya
    • hungary
    • brazil
    • montreal
    • sepang
    • shanghai
    • suzuka
    • silverstone
    • texas
    Don't use fast forward (including jumping out on track and back to the box) on the other tracks in light rain and on all tracks in full wet qualifying sessions.
    Fast forward in dry conditions works on all tracks.

    - In Full Wet conditions, the players tyres drop significantly in grip after 1 lap (~1 sec in shanghai) and then stay stable. AI cars drive on the later, stable level.

    - In 50% and 100% races don't be fooled by the fuel level display, it shows a shortage at race start on many tracks.
    Despite the display you will make it to the end driving mix two the whole race with shifing at red LEDs safely, probably even with shifting at blinking blue RPM lights.

    How to use:

    - extract the zip and copy the content to your install folder. BACKUP YOUR OLD FILES FIRST!!

    - The MOD only works properly AS A WHOLE! I do not guarantee it working with parts of it replaced.
    You can though use it with any damage modifier mod you like, just don't use too hight damage modifiers for AI cars, there will be too many wings flying around.

    - Don't use a modified surface_materials.xml, it will mess up on track performances.

    - The modded Files will not work online!! However if you want to play online you can swap the modded files for the original ones.

    - Savegames using the original database should be fine, as no references in database were changed. I have no clue how the changes affect savegames using other edited databases.
    Nevertheless I do not guarantee a compatibility with existing Savegames.

    - You will almost certainly have to choose a lower Difficulty Level than with the Standard AI, unless you found Standard-Legend AI too slow
    -> THIS IS INTENDED!! .. and no shame.

Recent Reviews

  1. Gotcha
    Version: 1.40
    keep it up buddy, its getting better every update
  2. Tri Nguyen
    Tri Nguyen
    Version: 1.31
    Nothing really left to say... terrific mod. Though the bugs are pretty damn annoying. Either I just wanna know if it's competitable with my mods... got no time to test. Can you try them for me?
    1. RowingAce
      Author's Response
      Which mods do you mean?
  3. Donatas21
    Version: 1.31
    Can you create database mod,with faster Ferrari,Mclaren and Williams,like old days? :)
  4. aagancia
    Version: 1.27
    Great Job! Made racing with AI much more enjoyable.
  5. danromy
    Version: 1.27
    1 question i just installed the (2015 Season Data Pack 0.4mod), so would your mod only change the enhanments and other things you did in it or every other stuff too in the data base
    1. RowingAce
      Author's Response
      for now both mods don't work together.
      If you use my database, the game probably won't work at all, if you use the one from the 2015 mod, my mod qon't work properly. When the 2015 is final, I will make a compatible Database.
  6. Gotcha
    Version: 1.22
    excellant but wat dongdong said it wrong because hamilton finishes 10-12th on my game
  7. Dongdong
    Version: 1.1
    hi.could you possibly make a mod to make hamilton slower.codies seem to think he is an absolute racing god...he is way way too quick in this game.let me give you an example.iv´e done a 100% race on silverstone earlier.i started on pole vettel 2nd and hamilton 3rd.to lap 12 i had a 9 second lead on vettel.and then hamilton passed vettel.and started shaving a second of my lead per sector.in lap 15 he was right on the back of my car.totally stupid.i even did a test in bahrain.i took his wing off in the first lap.he pitted at the end of the lap.surprise surprise he passed 20 cars till the end of the race and caught up to me.had to defend massively to finish in first place.please someone make a mod to make him slower
  8. luismfm
    Version: 1.01
    You did a good job on F1 2011...
    Now on 2014 raised to the superior level, very good job!
    Many thanks.
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