ACC Results Companion

ACC Results Companion 1.6.2

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  • Result statatcs - Added total time, invalid laps and invalid lap ratio
  • Move away from Kunos supplied Broadcast API code (allow details logging and more control over error handling)
  • Fix crash if settings file corrupted
  • BUGFIX: Result stats not stored/recalculated at end of session
  • Session duration now time from crossing start line (hotstint lengths should therefore be correct)
  • All fuel usage re-calculated from history
  • ECU mode stats added for Audi R8 LMS
  • Fuel column in laps now resizeable
  • Session/laps now in SplitContainer (ie they can be resized vertically relative to each other)
  • Improved alignments for non-standard desktop scaling
  • Accidents list box now scales in dialog
  • BUGFIX: Session average time format fix
  • BUGFIX: Fuel not updated unless fuel page was open before session/take account of case sensitive track codes from broadcast interface
  • BUGFIX: Fuel usage "based on laps" column corrected
  • BUGFIX: Circuits didn't respect heat map setting
  • Major rewrite of screens - improve consistency
  • Debug/broadcast log messages on by default
  • Speed up fuel calculation at end of session (should make UI more responsive)
  • BUGFIX: fix ACC connection leak on broadcast interface
    • Would result in slower and slower connection times, eventually giving "Unknown car" issue on sessions
  • BUGFIX: Fix Free Practice 2 never stored
  • BUGFIX: Log file not written
  • BUGFIX: Initial load of result statistics was incorrect
  • BUGFIX: Directory not created for new installations
  • Rebuilt for ACC 1.4
  • Average session times discount inlaps, outlaps and laps with accidents
  • Session row remains highlight when focussing laps
  • More code re-structure
  • ECU mode stats added for AMR V8
  • Jump to lap from leaderboards - go to correct car if not player
  • Circuits - Average times - now excludes In/Out laps and those not classified to give a more meaningful value
  • BUGFIX: Exception displaying heatmaps in circuits
  • BUGFIX: Fix potential issue - results not being saved when penalties occur
  • Fix bulk import
  • More code re-structure
  • Rebuilt with Broadcast API for ACC 1.3.13
  • Leaderboard CSV Export
  • New columns added for Laps CSV export
  • Minor tooltip corrections
  • Save column widths on all list views
  • Lap maxspeed column re-instated
  • Status bar re-instated
  • More code re-structure
  • Option to run from system tray and not taskbar
  • Change tracks (by year) for multiple sessions
  • ECU mode stats added for AMR V12
  • Priming ECU modes sped up
  • Result Statics improvements
    • Total sessions/laps across all session types
    • Label for aggregate by car improved
  • Double-clicking rows in circuits/leaderboards now displays laps and highlights selected lap
  • Accidents recorded and reported
  • Major code refactoring (to help with performance and maintenance)
  • New lap columns (Category, Cup, Nationality)
  • Setting to allow changing driver nationality
  • ECU mode stats added for Nissan 2015/2018
  • Export updated to include new columns
  • Support ACC 1.3.12 (changed broadcast interface)
  • Option to move data folder (currently always on C drive)
  • New installs default to My Documents
  • Button to start ACC from ACC Results Companion
  • Option to start ACC Results Companion at Windows startup
  • Add Air/Road temperature to laps
  • BUGFIX: Results Stats - some gathered stats were incorrect
  • BUGFIX: Result stats - Track stats gathered from broadcast interface were not aggregated with stats gathered before
  • BUGFIX: Result stats - If car dropdown not used, car always displayed as "Unknown Car"
  • Online race final standings - Times now fastest laps per player rather than last lap
  • Speed up load time - ECU modes not re-initialised each time
  • Damage, ECU mode used plus a couple of other performance metrics added (not SP Race)
  • Average lap time added to session
  • Comparative fuel/power stats added for ECU modes (currently Bentley, AMG, McLaren 720 - others to follow)
  • BUGFIX: Correct ECU modes for Nissan
  • BUGFIX: Fix Server Results load
  • BUGFIX: Server Results final standings were ordered by laptime not position
  • BUGFIX: AC cars still added after ACC session
  • Change was Broadcast/UDP connections are handled - Do not attempt retry if connection not complete within 1 sec
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  • BUGFIX: Default credentials used even if broadcast password changed.
  • Cleared any tracks previous imported from AC
  • Average lap record (optional mode for circuits tab)
  • BUGFIX: Change management of UDP connections (prevent results not being recorded due to stale connections)
  • BUGFIX: Circuits - delta to real records. Colour coding no longer working
  • BUGFIX: Corrected name of Porsche 991 GT3 R
  • Detect if broadcasting incorrectly configured in ACC and allow option for ACC Results Companion to automatically fix it
  • Fix any incorrect values in Results Statistics
  • Handle error is null track previously added in session results
  • BUGFIX - Prevent crash if user does not have access to performance counters (memory monitoring will be disabled)
  • Much more diagnostic information added on initialisation
BUGFIX: Fix database for environments upgraded to V1.5.0-1.5.3
BUGFIX: Upgrade scripts for earlier installs in wrong order, causing errors on the first run
Diagnostic release. More error handling and diagnostic messages to investigate why ACC Results Companion doesn't initialise in one instance
BUGFIX: Issue with new installs- SQL syntax error caused a core table not to be created. Only required if V1.5.0 was your first install

  • Move to Broadcast/UDP interface. Full field for multiplayer now supported. Should address anomalies in online/practice/hotlaps where sectors on first lap may not be recorded properly (due to limitation with Shared Memory). All sessions except offline race (to preserve the ability to record saved races) move to Broadcast/UDP interface.
  • Reordering and hide/unhide preferences for columns in table now preserved.
  • Tyres used and track conditions reported per lap for player car (information not available for other cars)
  • Formatting errors fixed on CSV export
  • Implement Gaps on all views for laps and address odd colour coding (replace with heatmap)
  • Now requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 (dependency of ACC UDP interface)
  • Broadcast must be enabled in ACC - eg configure broadcasting.json as follows (you can pick whatever password)
  • {
    "updListenerPort": 9000,
    "connectionPassword": "asd",
    "commandPassword": ""
  • Result Statistics
  • Optionally change fuel decimal places
  • Various diagnostic aids
    • Copy session/season ID
    • ZIP session backup files
    • ZIP DB and logs
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  • Important fix for non-English locales. Sanity check against shared memory version failed to parse the number as the version appears to always be using dot (".") as the decimal point, and would failed for locales using comma (","). This would prevent hotlaps and online sessions from being recorded (issue introduced in ARC 1.1.0)

  • Bugfix: Address initialisation issue with shared memory (Online/hotlaps not recorded)

  • Leaderboards option - show all best times for players across all cars
  • BugFix: Shared Memory not initialising correctly, and therefore assuming AC session and ignoring Hotlap/Online sessions is some scenarios
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  • Add ECU modes to Fuel page
  • Properly refresh page after Fix Sessions
  • Optional date filter for Leaderboard
  • Fix Bathurst track code
  • Icons for ICGT tracks

  • Server leaderboard
  • Session final standings
  • Session fuel calculation
  • Differentiate between 2018/2019 tracks (allows manual fix)
    • Server files loaded appropriately
  • Startup splash screen
  • Placeholders for ICGT tracks
  • Remove "Store all cars" option
  • Bug fix ; Prevent Assetto Corsa sessions from being picked up and clean circuit/car lists
  • Bug fix ; Possibility of deadlock causing hang when new/unknown car added
  • Bugfix: Donate button had expred link
  • Performance boost for large field size in laps list
  • Optional heatmap display for circuit records
  • Filter for personal bests in sessions
  • Improved log window
  • Diagnostic mode for shared memory sessions
  • New icon
  • Remove championships
  • Bug fix: Address crash switching between server and non-server sessions
  • Bug fix: Circuit records properly updates colours now
  • Bug fix: Remove ghost laps on online sessions (session change not correctly recognised)
  • Bug fix: Remove occasional repeated laps on line sessions
  • Bug fix: Correct session duration for online races
  • Bug fix: "Scan Server results on startup" checkbox was ignored
  • Bug fix: Identify player car in server results
  • Bug fix: Online laps not records when "Store laps for all cars" checkbox not checked
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ACC Results Companion V0.6.0

  • Support Server Results files
  • Improved selection of ACC folder
  • Can now be installed on PC without a local ACC install
Full instructions to follow
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  • Remove spurious tracks from list (incorrectly based on car names, eg amg_gt3 etc)
  • Hide reserved track names (eg UNKNOWN)
  • Hide reserved car names from Manual Input (eg Unknown Car, N/A)
  • Prevent error on manual time input where locale uses comma decimal separator (eg in mainland Europe)

  • BUG: Race positions is session overview always one higher than finishing position
  • BUG: Fatal error when ACC folder not found (Look in My Documents first and better error handling added)
  • BUG: Errors when handling manual input times cause application to terminate
    • Better error handling
    • Prevent times being added when no car/track/session added
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  • Added in new cars for 2019 DLC with images etc
  • Added Zandvoort track image
  • Update car codes from shared memory (Kunos change all these in the update)
  • Fixed occasional threading issue when processing a results file
  • Updated some older car images
  • Upgrade process should attempt to recognise new cars in previous sessions and update these in the stats
  • Changes to prepare to 2019 DLC (allow dynamic storing of new cars until the names, codes and images are known)
  • Bug fix: Issue if previous session started but abandoned without any laps - caused next session to become confused and potentially store session against incorrect car/circuit

  • Fix bug where shared memory session (eg online/hotlap) not recorded after running non-hsared memory session (eg hotsint, SP race etc)