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ACC Modular HUD Components 1.1

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Modular items so you can have a more personalized ACC HUD. In my case, I like to see the in-car Dash and the default tachometer is to bright and calls to much attention to the eye. Some items I did not extract as they are quite visible in the Dash, like ABS and TC, some cars don't show Brake Bias(eg. the M4).


Attached here are 6 Overlays:

- Ignition/Engine/Fuel Status:
-> Start Ignition: Appears whenever the Ignition is off.
-> Start Engine: Appears only when the ignition is on. Blinks when engine starter button pressed.
-> Fuel Empty: Appears when the tank is empty, also blinks if engine starter button is pressed on empty tank.

- Brake Bias and Electronics
-> Shows active Brake bias, brake pad becomes RED when brake pedal has reached 100% travel. (good to see if you are fully braking)
-> ABS, TC
-> Track and Air Temp
-> Track status

- Fuel V3:
-> Consumption: Fuel in Tank, Fuel burnt, Fuel burnt last lap.
-> Estimates: Racing time with current fuel load, estimated laps with current fuel.

- Light Signaling:
-> This shows the light indicator and Hazard light, I extracted this one as in the default low right sometimes it is hard to see and if there is a GT3 behind a GT4.. well, they are quite fast :)

To install/import:
-> Install simhub from here
-> With simhub installed, just double click the unzipped files one by one and they will be imported as 'Overlay' into simhub.

Also made a quick video on how to install those:
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Latest updates

  1. Limit Blink more

    Blinking can be a distraction, it will now only blink if fuel in tank is only enough for 2 laps...
  2. Typo fix

    Typo fix
  3. Fuel fuel fuel!

    This one has taken some long time to tweak, but seems the fuel calculations are really good now...

Latest reviews

how do you fix it that the overlays disappeared from the screen when full screen is enabled
I don't use fullscreen, but it appears as it is as the game resolution is the same as the desktop.
Really handy!
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