ACC Fuel Calculator Desktop

ACC Fuel Calculator Desktop 2.1

No permission to download
works pretty well no more guessing how much fuel you need
Many thanks. Must have for everybody.
genial muy buen trabajo, gracias por compartirlo
Super job mate. Just a question must I intalled it on the game or what ? I test it before my race but not in same time! Is it normal used ?
David Turley
David Turley
Right now it is a manual fuel calculation app. In principal you could use it with any game, but I have placed the cars and the tracks into the game so you can save your fuel set ups per track and car. Also the cars have the max fuel linked so it changes automaticity when changing cars.
I have been looking into coupling it to the game, but I have not had the time. Also I probably would make a separate app if i were to do that.
I'm glad you are liking it and thanks for the review!
Works well, good improvements on the initial release
very useful. but the fuel per lap zone doesn't work properly. I can't put decimals there. a dot or a comma, it just doesn't put it correctly. it bypasses it
David Turley
David Turley
Bug resolved in v2.1
Works alright