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AC_TrackCycle 2.8.3

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2.8.3 (2021/03/17)
- added change_track_immediately_if_percentage_of_players_voted config option
2.8.2 (2021/03/11)
- fixed missing enable_white_list key in AC_TrackCycle.exe.config
2.8.1 (2021/02/20)
- votes now change track if auto_change_track = 0
- if several tracks get the same number of votes, the first track in list with this number of votes will be used
2.8.0 (2021/02/15)
- added auto_change_track config option
2.7.9 (2018/01/08)
- added log_to_console, overwrite_log_file and interactive_console keys in AC_TrackCycle_Console.exe.config
2.7.8 (2018/01/06)
- renamed template_cycle to preset_cycle in exe.config
- added ac_presets_directory in exe.config, this is the directory where the presets should be stored ( note: before 2.7.8 this was always the cfg directory, but since acServerManager.exe creates a templates directory why not use that as default. If you want the 2.7.7 behaviour use <add key="ac_presets_directory" value="cfg"/> )
- not showing the complete path of the presets
- fixed GUI not showing the current session status for the very first session
2.7.7 (2017/12/23)
- changed startup order
- using additional kill process when using create_server_window = 1
2.7.6 (2017/12/18)
- (re)starting other processes in background
2.7.5 (2017/12/18)
- added BestLap and LapCount columns to Drivers tab
- added elapsed time textbox
2.7.4 (2017/05/16)
- small changes to make AC_TrackCycle_Console.exe Linux compatible (using mono) (tested with a mono docker)
2.7.3 (2017/03/03)
- trying to write the server log messages in correct order
- allowing /change_track with index
- added /queue_track admin command
- added /list_tracks command
- added /vote_track command
- removed change_track_after_every_loop config option, now always changing track after every loop
2.7.2 (2016/08/01)
- new config options
<add key="kick_before_change" value="0"/>
<add key="create_server_window" value="0"/><!-- if AC_TrackCycle crashes because the acServer.exe process can not be killed on track change then set this to 1 -->
2.7.0 (2016/07/16)
- updated to AC v1.7
- fixed issue with broadcast results
- showing timestamp in chat
2.6.1 (2016/07/10)
- option to set broadcast_fastest_lap to 2 to broadcast every completed lap
2.6.0 (2016/07/09)
- option to start additional executables, they are also restarted when the server is restarted due to track change, this helps with plugins that can't handle server restarts/track changes
2.5.1 (2016/01/02)
- blocking "Smoothing" server log messages
2.5.0 (2015/10/22)
- updated to new acServer UDP protocol version (AC v1.3.4)
- added DriverGuid column to Connected Drivers tab
- added ban context menu option
2.4.0 (2015/10/21)
- fixed change_track_after_every_loop doesn't cycle twice if used with race session
- if next cycle has same track, layout and laps then the server is not restarted
- showing number of connected drivers
- added Session Control tab
- added Connected Drivers tab
- added Track Graph tab
2.3.0 (2015/10/10)
updated to new acServer UDP protocol version (AC v1.3)
2.2.3 (2015/09/07)
- added change_track_after_every_loop config option that enables track change after "server looping" message (useful if not having race sessions)
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