AC Server Manager

AC Server Manager v1.7.9

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  • Improved the Track selection dropdowns in all Race Setup pages. You can now see more readable track names, and filter all tracks and layouts.
  • Adds missing Real Penalty 'APP_UDP_PORT' option.
  • Fixes an issue where Live Timings lap counts could reset if a driver does not cleanly disconnect from the Assetto Corsa Server.
  • Fixes an issue where Real Penalty config values for Jump Start would not be assigned correctly.
  • The Spectator Car will only be filtered out from Championship Points calculations if Spectator Car is enabled in the Championship settings.
  • Fixes an issue where cars could be duplicated in race setups
  • Fixes a crash that could occur when displaying information about a track.
  • Fixes an issue where multiservers could omit scanning new cars if they were added in groups, rather than one at once. If your server is missing cars in the car list, please "Rebuild Search Index" on the Server Options page!
  • Fixes an issue where track names would not update when a track was reuploaded.
  • Fixes an issue where pitboxes could not be loaded for a track with an invalid JSON file.
  • Improved process management for plugins and acServer itself. Thanks to @mayfield for this one!
  • Duplicating a Championship now clears all registration requests.
  • Fixes a crash that could occur when concurrently reading weather configurations.
  • Fixes an issue where duplicating a Championship with Race Weekends inside it would result in the Race Weekends not copying across correctly.
  • KissMyRank is now instructed to stop using a command in its console. This should hopefully prevent issues with data files corrupting on stop.
  • Fixes an issue where Race Weekend sessions could incorrectly sort splits out of order.
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Hi everyone, hope you're doing well! Lots of nice stuff in this update, happy racing!

  • Added the ability to toggle on/off the ACSR skill gate for ACSR exported championships.
  • Added compatibility with Real Penalty v3.00.02
  • You can now specify which tab in a Championship is active by default on page load.
  • Added a page that allows admins to view a read-only copy of the server_cfg.ini and entry_list.ini currently applied to the server.
  • You can now add tags to a group of cars before uploading them on the car list page!
  • Drivers/Teams in a Championship with equal points will now be automatically sorted by their number of top finishes (the highest number of 1st place finishes, if equal then highest number of 2nd place finishes etc.)
  • Added new "Split Type" functionality to Race Weekend filters, allowing you to split entire sessions by Championship Class.
  • We've redesigned the Custom Races page! Hopefully it's easier to find things in it!
  • Track images now show the track map in the bottom right corner.
  • New lua plugin file (race-control.lua) containing onChat function which is called whenever a chat message is sent in-game, from the live timings page or from a lua script
  • (Multiserver) Events across all servers will now be shown on the Calendar, events on other servers will be marked as so.
  • Events using "Any Available Car" now split the car types evenly between the number of entrants.
  • Added a "Download Logs" button to the Real Penalty Options page. You can use this to view logs from your previous Real Penalty sessions, including the penalties applied by the tool.
  • Added a check for "Session Openness" when starting events. If the first event of a session is set to "No Join", Server Manager will correct it to "Free Join" (for Practice/Qualifying) and "Free join until 20 seconds to the Green Light" for Race sessions. This fixes an issue where the acServer will constantly loop sessions if the first session is not joinable.
  • Race Weekends now correctly handle entrants which have their car choice set to "Any Available Car"
  • Chat messages displayed on the Live Timings page will now show the correct timestamp for messages sent by drivers on the server.
  • Race session wait time should now be included in live timings session time
  • Fixes an issue where signed up Championship Entrants would show as 'Unranked' in ACSR.
  • Commands (anything starting with a /) will no longer be displayed in the Live Timings chat window.
  • The Live Timings timer will now show the number of days remaining in an event if it is longer than a day.
  • Fixes an issue where duplicating a Race Weekend in a Championship could cause Server Manager to crash.
  • Fixes an issue where decimal values could not be modified in Real Penalty Options.
  • Fixes an issue where scheduled Championship Race Weekends could cause excessive CPU load when rendering the calendar.
  • Race Weekend sessions with multiple parents now filter out any duplicate entrants, keeping the entrant with the lowest sort position.
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Hi everyone, just a small update but an important one if you want to use sign up forms without ACSR integration!


- Sign Up Forms should now work as intended for non-ACSR enabled events.
Hi everyone, hope you're doing well! Some important fixes in this one, and some nice new features too. Happy Racing!


  • Added the ability to gate ACSR exported events based on ACSR skill and safety ratings!
  • Added a chat box to Live Timings, showing the in-game chat and messages broadcast from the server!
  • Added a "combine results" button to the results index page, allowing you to manually combine any results (you should probably only combine results of the same type and track, but there is no hard restriction in place)
  • Added functionality that aims to persist results information for sessions that do not complete fully. This works by sending a "Next Session" message to the acServer to tell it to write out results files for the current session. This feature is disabled by default - look for the persist_mid_session_results option in the config.example.yml included with this release.
  • Server Logs and Audit Logs now display using the full width of the browser window.
  • Added the user group to the body class. This should allow you to customise the CSS for different user groups.
  • Race Details popup now displays the time of day calculated from the sun angle (if Sol is disabled)

  • Fixes an issue where the car name would be incorrectly set in Race Control for drivers who have swapped cars.
  • Fixes an issue where kicked drivers could become linked to the $#@@!$kicked GUID that AC assigns to kicked drivers in results files. This issue could affect ACSR, penalties, page renders and more.
  • Fixes an issue in Time Attack events where drivers connecting in different slots in multiple sessions would result in broken results files. We strongly recommend using locked entry lists in conjunction with Time Attack events.
  • Fixes an issue where Wind settings were not written out correctly to the server configuration file, resulting in 0 wind speed/direction. Please note that you will need to re-edit any races to add wind settings to them.
  • The race details popup now shows details about a second race (if configured).
  • Fixes pitbox numbers being incorrect when initially setting up an event.
  • Improved handling of results files with non-standard names.
  • Time Attack events should now be moved to the top of the results list each time they are updated.
  • Read users are no longer able to access the UI controls for the Manually Choose Drivers option in Race Weekends.
  • Improved some help text on the Real Penalty options page.
  • Championship and Race Weekend looping practice sessions now force the Result Screen Time to 30 seconds, rather than using the event's Result Screen Time.
  • Fixes an issue where lua plugins running concurrently may cause a server crash.
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  • Driver Swaps! This premium feature adds the ability to do driver swaps in race sessions, without needing any game plugins! This leverages Assetto Corsa's "Partial Driver Swap" functionality and adds our own software on top of it to make it fair for everyone!
    • Driver Swaps work in Championships and Race Weekends
    • Configuration of Driver Swaps is done per-race in the Entry List section of the race form. Turn on Driver Swap and add multiple GUIDs to an Entrant, separated by ';'.
    • You can configure how long a driver swap should take, and disqualification and post-race penalties if people set off too early!
    • You can also set a minimum number of Driver Swaps that each car must make.
    • Driver Swap result files show which lap was completed by which driver (using the AutoFill Entrant list where possible to put names in)
    • Driver Swaps require compatible tracks. A compatible track has the timing line before or after all of the pitboxes.
      You can follow this guide (written by @mike855 - thanks!) to modify a track to be compatible:
  • Premium users can now specify a spectator car slot in Championships and Race Weekends. The spectator car will be added to the back of the grid and excluded from Championship Points and Race Weekend grid decisions.
  • A landing intro for hosted servers that points users in the right direction.
  • You can now broadcast a 3-2-1-GO countdown to all drivers from the Live Timings Admin Panel.
  • You can now duplicate Championships using the dropdown next to "Edit" in the Championship list.
  • You can now sort (and split!) Race Weekend Entry Lists by Championship Class - so you could for example run separate qualifying sessions for each class!
  • You can now manually choose drivers when filtering between two Race Weekend sessions, instead of picking split numbers.
  • Championships and Race Weekends now autofill the schedule input with the latest date currently scheduled in that Championship/Race Weekend, hopefully this will make life easier for some admins!
  • Added a new lua plugin function for onChampionshipEventStart that can add ballast to drivers based on their finishing position in some other event in the championship.
  • Added the option to toggle on/off exporting a second race to ACSR inside an ACSR enabled championship.
  • Championship Events and Race Weekend Sessions now show the date they were completed on.
  • Added a Championship Overview tab that shows colour-coded points across all events in a Championship.
  • Added a popup to Custom Races, Championships and Race Weekends that drivers can use to view details of the event.
  • You can now activate a timed scanner for new Scheduled Events that you have created/imported manually. Experimental, and only intended for advanced users.
  • Added a new option in config.yml (use_car_name_cache). When enabled, this loads the name for all cars into memory and uses them where possible in web pages. This improves the accuracy of car names (e.g. "Mercedes 190 EVO2" becomes "Mercedes-Benz 190E EVO II")
  • Real Penalty Tool integration! You can now use Server Manager to configure Real Penalty Tool. Much like the sTracker and KissMyRank integration, the ports and forwarding for this plugin will be automatically configured.

  • Race Weekend Championship sorters are no longer available in non-Championship Race Weekends.
  • Improved handling of track JSON files
  • Fixes an issue where the Content Manager Welcome Message disappeared in the previous update.
  • Fixes an issue where Race Weekend Sessions may not have the correct number of Championship Points fields.
  • Improved accuracy of DLC/Original Game information in content lists.
  • Race Weekend Sessions now indicate if there is an extra lap at the end of a race.
  • Fixes an issue where starting a race would sometimes cause Server Manager to freeze.
  • Content Manager now shows Championship descriptions for Championship Race Weekends.
  • Championship Race Weekends now send users their Championship points summary when they join.
  • Fixes an issue where the full grid would not be shown in the Race Weekend filter preview.
  • Made the new password screen a bit more visually unique, and added a paragraph to explain to new users that they should set their own password rather than using the default one.
  • Tyres with unsafe characters in the name (e.g. sv60's) should no longer cause issues with the Custom Race form.
  • Updated championship event start Lua plugin to take and return the full event entry list.
  • Fixes an issue where drivers would persist in the connected drivers table in Live Timings when they disconnect without completing a lap.
  • Fixes an issue where car tyres would not be added when cars are manually added to the content folder.
  • Where applicable, server password fields attempt to reject browser autofill.
Hi everyone, I hope you're all keeping safe, and that at the very least you're managing to get out on the (digital) track whilst isolating if you are!

We've been keeping busy, and have some cool updates for you, happy racing!


  • Time Attack Events (premium). Time Attack events let you run a looping session that combines all of the results files into one!
  • You can now control whether weather presets added to championships will be activated only in Practice sessions, only in Championship events or in either. This is intended to allow for practice sessions with more stable weather/time progression than the actual event.
  • TLS support. You can now specify a certificate and key file in the config.yml to enable TLS support in Server Manager. This feature is requested often, so we've implemented it to a good standard as of the time of release. HTTPS is fast moving, and there are no guarantees that what is secure now will be secure in a year. Reverse proxying with nginx/apache is still an option.
  • Looped races now indicate when they are running in the "in progress" indicator in the navigation bar. Looped races will only initiate if allowed to start automatically!
  • You now have more control over the Content Manager welcome message using templates (similar to the server name template).
  • Compatibility with KissMyRank v1.6f
  • Added a "Public URL" option to sTracker's HTTP Configuration to be used when linking to sTracker from Live Timings. If you were having problems with parts of sTracker not working correctly, try setting the Public URL option.

  • Fixes an issue where the reported tyre for a driver's best lap could sometimes be incorrect.
  • Fixes an incorrect value for ACServerResultsBasePath in the KissMyRank setup. Thanks @blu1111!
  • Fixes an issue where Championship Event Points tables would incorrectly report points penalties. Points penalties are now only shown in the main Championship points table.
  • Fixes an issue where renaming an Entrant's team in a Championship and using "Transfer Points from previous team" would not transfer points for Race Weekends.
  • Fixes an issue where pitboxes were not correctly assigned to Entrants.
  • Removed the "Start on Tyre from Fastest Lap" Checkbox for non-write access users, the word "yes" or "no" is displayed instead.
  • Fixes an issue where applying penalties to Championship or Race Weekend sessions could cause a server crash.
  • Improved performance when adding lots of cars in a race setup.
  • Completed Championship Events can now be duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue where empty question fields, penalties (and maybe more things) could cause the Championship event lua plugins to fail
  • Fixes an issue where Live Timings would not show all cars driven by a driver (for example if they were switching cars in a session to test them out)
  • Fixes an issue where running stracker could cause a server crash when Server Manager changed the real time position interval. In some extreme cases you may find your live map running in slow motion, currently disabling stracker is the only fix for this.
  • Reworked the pagination of Results and Cars pages to make it a bit more usable.
  • Fixes an issue where drivers would be removed from Live Timings if the Live Map was disabled.
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  • ACSR Ratings are now shown in ACSR enabled Championships, in Driver Standings, the Entrants tables and the Sign Up form responses (including the CSV export).
  • You can now download Server Logs from Server Manager (thanks @mazzn!)
  • You can now run Open Championships with ACSR integration!
  • Server Manager now logs the output of the acServer executable to the logs folder inside your Server Install Path. You can configure this in Server Options -> Miscellaneous
  • In a Multi-Server environment, you can now set different account groups per server, for example you could set an Account to have "Write" access on one server and "Delete" access on another.
  • Added a new permission - "No Access" - which blocks a user from doing anything on a server.
  • Open weather API Lua plugin can now automatically find the location of the track (so long as the track json file contains this information) and set the weather accordingly! Thanks to @mike855 for this contribution!
  • Entrants are now written to the entry_list.ini file in the order of their pitboxes (this should make debugging a bit easier!)

  • On Windows, batch files are now stopped correctly by Server Manager.
  • Fixes an issue where Championship Class IDs could overlap causing Multi-class championships to incorrectly report standings.
  • Fixes an issue where Championship and Race Weekend exports on Firefox would not export with their full name.
  • Fixes an issue where Championship/Race Weekend sessions could not be cancelled if the server is not running.
  • Fixes an issue where Race Weekend Race sessions would have their wait time forced to 120 seconds.
  • Fixes an issue where the progress of a Championship with Race Weekends would be incorrectly reported on the Championship List page.
  • Fixes an issue where Championship attendance would not work correctly for event with Race Weekends.
  • Fixes an issue where watching content folder for changes could cause a crash on Windows.
  • The Championship Entrant table is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Championship Event Pitbox overrides are now applied correctly on Championships with Sign Up forms enabled. If Entrants in a Championship share the same pitbox, the order of the entrants is normalised so all drivers are added to the grid.
  • Fixes an issue where Sol dates could be set to dates before 1st January 1970, leading to a Shaders Patch crash on game launch. Dates before 01/01/1970 are now set to 01/01/1970.
  • Fixes an issue where the Edit Championship Event form would always say "This edited setup will overwrite the 1st Event in the Championship", rather than the correct index of the Event.
  • We've changed the way that kicking people works on Live Timings. The kick button now runs the in-game admin command '/kick ', rather than using what appears to be a broken UDP Plugin message.
  • Pickup Mode is now always enabled for Race Weekend sessions, allowing people to rejoin the session.
  • Discord notifications now use the term "Event" instead of "Race" when notifying about event changes.

  • Removed max limit of Damage Multiplier (was 100%). Happy crashing!
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Hey everyone, nice little update with some new features and a good amount of work put into stability. Hope you like it!


  • KissMyRank integration! We've even made it so you can use both sTracker and KissMyRank! Go to the new "KissMyRank" page to find out how to set up KissMyRank. We're marking this as "beta" currently. If you find any issues - please report them to us!
  • In a Multiserver setup Auto Loop events are now per-server! You can loop different events on different servers, only have one looping server etc.
  • You can now duplicate any Championship Event (including Race Weekends!)
  • The Championship Sign Up form now allows multiple Steam GUIDs separated by a semi-colon (for driver swaps).
  • You can now set a timer to forcibly stop a Custom Race after a certain time period. This is intended to allow servers to rotate through looped events every x minutes regardless of players being active on the server. The timer can be set to not forcibly stop the server if drivers are online.
  • Server Manager now automatically sets up the sTracker config path and server folder path.
  • You can now manually specify the IP address used by the Content Manager Wrapper. This fixes issues with IPv6 incompatibilities (thanks @mazzn!)

  • Fixes an issue where car setups with invalid ini keys would not upload properly.
  • Fixes an issue where AutoFill Entrants would not be saved when editing a Custom Race
  • Championship Race Weekends now display all sessions in the correct order
  • Fixes issues where stopping the acServer process could cause Server Manager to lock up or crash
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Hi everyone, just a small patch today. Please re-import your results as described below if you have an ACSR enabled Championship. If you had issues with results not being written to ACSR properly that should be resolved now too!


  • Fixes an issue where ACSR enabled Championships could cause Championship Event points to be incorrect. If your Championship points are incorrect, re-import the results files in the Championship Event ("Manage Event" -> "Import Results")
  • Fixes an issue where Server Manager sometimes would not detect and handle acServer shutdown correctly.
This release adds support for Assetto Corsa Skill Ratings (ACSR). ACSR is a new service for organising and taking part in Championships through Assetto Corsa Server Manager.

When you set up a Championship in Server Manager, you will be given the option to "Export to Assetto Corsa Skill Ratings". This publishes your Championship to the ACSR Championships List page, so that drivers can find your Championship and sign up to it!

Hosting ACSR events requires Server Manager Premium, but you can take part in them for free! You can purchase Server Manager Premium by following the instructions in the free version of Server Manager.

Server Manager

  • Admins can now export full Championship information, including Sign Up Form responses.
  • Exported Championships and Race Weekends now export as JSON files to download, rather than showing JSON in the browser.
  • Improved Discord message formatting (thanks @cheesegrits!)
  • It is now possible to specify a Race Weekend's initial Entry List as the parent for a session. You can also now use a grid offset when filtering entrants from this entrylist.

  • Improved the logic of "fastest lap across multiple results files" sorting in Race Weekends whilst using fallback results sorting (premium)
  • Fixes an issue where the server name could not be clicked to go to the homepage on mobile devices
  • Fixes an issue where Championship Driver and Team penalties would be lost when editing a Championship.
  • Drastically improved the speed of STracker pages through some reworking of how STracker is proxied.
  • Fixed an issue where some STracker links would not work correctly.
  • Fixes an issue where car skins with special characters in their name would not display in the race setup page and Championship Sign Up form.
  • Fixes issues with download links in Discord messages (thanks @cheesegrits!)
  • On initial server setup, the admin account is only created if one doesn't exist.
  • The JSON Store now correctly sets the updated time of Custom Races, Championships and Race Weekends.
Please note, this release deprecates use of "run_on_start" in config.yml. Please read the new config.yml "plugins" section if you were using run_on_start!
  • Added send chat to driver option to the admin panel on the Live Timings page.
  • The UDP message receiver now detects if it has fallen behind while handling messages. If it has, it reduces the refresh rate that the Assetto Corsa Server sends messages at, so it can catch up. If you see a lot of "can't keep up!" messages in the Server Logs, you probably need to increase your 'refresh_interval_ms' in the config.yml.
  • Added configurable Open Graph images (premium feature) to both the manager as a whole and championships, with these you can link to images that will be shown whenever you share a link of the manager/championship pages on social media.
  • Optimised the handling of UDP messages to improve performance.
  • When using "Any Available Car", one of each car is added to the EntryList (so long as there are enough entrants!) and then after that Entrant cars are randomised.
  • Added a new 'plugins' section to config.yml. Please use this instead of 'run_on_start'. This has been added to fix issues with spaces in plugin path names.
  • Fixed an issue with filtering from results files in Race Weekends when the Race Weekend is within a Championship.
  • We've changed the method that we use to check if scheduled events need running. Hopefully this should make scheduled events more reliable!
  • Fixes a memory leak when proxying STracker pages
Time for another big one! We worked really hard on this update and hope you all love it as much as we do, there's a lot going on here so let's jump right into it:

In this update we've added the following premium features:
  • Multiserver support! This is a much-requested feature, and we've finally found a way to deliver it! Premium builds of Server Manager now come with an extra tool: the multiserver manager.
    • The multiserver tool handles installation and setup of however many servers you want!
    • It works on Windows and Linux
    • Custom Races, Championships, Race Weekends and all your uploaded Content are shared between each server!
    • Accounts and login are shared between each server!
    • You can switch servers using the new Server Switcher in the top right hand corner of your Server Manager page.
    • The Server Switcher also shows you what kind of events are running on each server, and how many people are connected!
    • The multiserver tool handles updating server-manager for you!
  • When you buy Server Manager Premium, the multiserver tool will be included alongside server manager. Please check out the README for more details and a setup guide!
  • Lua Plugin hooks! You can now run custom scripts with a bunch of hooks for Lua (event start, results load and more!), have a look in server-manager/plugins for some examples. (there's a nice readme guide in there too!). If you want to enable one of the three Lua examples before just uncomment them in the lua files!
  • Weather API with Lua plugins! As a nice example of what you can achieve with Lua plugins we used one to implement a weather API!
  • Auto ballast based on championship position with Lua plugins! Another Lua example, this one applies a ballast to each driver in a championship when an event is started based on their championship position.
  • Auto collision disqualifier! This is our last Lua example, it disqualifies drivers if they exceed a certain number of collisions or have a collision over a certain speed.
  • Added an option in Race Weekends to filter from the best lap or number of laps completed across multiple results files.
If you don't have premium yet, you can get it by following the instructions on Server Manager!

As well as our premium features, we have the following additions:
  • Results pages now show your 'Potential' lap time - the sum of your best sectors.
  • Added an option to the config.yml to watch the content folder for changes and keep the car search index updated.
  • Added an option to the config.yml to prevent server manager from opening a browser on Windows on start.
  • Accounts are now part of the shared JSON store. This means if you were running split JSON stores using the 'shared_data_path' config.yml variable, you will need to re-set up server manager accounts (i.e. by copying them into the shared JSON store)
  • You can now import existing Custom Races and Race Weekends to Championships.
  • You can now upload results files through the Server Manager UI on the results page.
  • Fixed an issue with scheduled Championship events that could clear all of the other scheduled events on the Championship when they started.
  • Setting the ballast on an entrant to a larger value than the Max Ballast option no longer stops the server from starting.
  • Results pages now correctly display statistics per car - so if you're switching cars in a session you can see accurate reports for that car.
  • Penalties are now applied per driver and car, rather than just per driver.
  • Fixes an issue where events scheduled in a multi-server scenario would start on the wrong server.
  • STracker proxy plugin local/plugin ports should now be properly set by the Server Manager UI.
  • Tyres with spaces in their short_names cause the server to fail to connect to lobby, stopped those tyres from being uploaded to the server.
  • Prevent users from being able to set up a race that will cause the server to crash by setting pickup mode off, locked entry list on and reverse grid race to anything other than 0.
  • Fixes an issue where a missing ui_track.json file would cause a track page to load incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Championships sometimes could not be edited.
  • Fixed date/time formatting for Championship event session start times.
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  • Live Timings "Stored Times" will now persist between reboots of Server Manager, if the next event started is the same as the last event running before the Server Manager reboot.
  • You can now configure Server Manager to restart any Event that was running before Server Manager was stopped. Check out "Restart Event On Server Manager Launch" in Server Options.
  • Added an option to prevent web crawlers from accessing any pages on the manager using a robots.txt.
  • Added information about whether a car/track is default/mod/DLC to list and detail pages.
  • Championship and Race Weekend Looping Practice Sessions are now labelled in the navigation bar, e.g. "Championship Practice in Progress"
  • Added penalty options to Qualifying and Practice sessions, penalties can be applied independently in each session. In Race Weekends these penalties will affect the entry list of the next session.
  • Added a button to blacklist a driver directly from results pages, the button is inside the penalties popup and can only be accessed by admins.
  • Added content download links to discord messages (thanks @cheesegrits!)
  • Enabled Content Manager Wrapper "Install Missing Content" button, just add links to tracks/cars on their detail pages and the button will work for events using that content!
  • You can now filter stock, DLC and mod cars in or out of the car search. Check out the car search help for more details! Please note that you will need to rebuild your search index for this to work. Go to Server Options, scroll down to "Maintenance" and click "Rebuild Search Index"!
  • Server Manager will now set up some example Championships and Custom Races if you have not yet created any
  • You can now sort the EntryList for a Championship Race Weekend Session by the number of Championship points a driver has. This could be useful for running reverse grid qualifying races!
  • Added a health-check endpoint. Hopefully this will help us with debugging issues!
  • Fixes track/car display in dark mode
  • Fixes track details page names to be a bit nicer
  • Added Black Cat County to the list of default content
  • Fixes an issue where Server Manager would not start when a recurring race with an end date had a scheduled recurrence while Server Manager was offline.
  • Custom Races are now unscheduled when they are deleted.
  • Stopped users from being able to delete their own accounts.
  • Fixes an issue where drivers who switched teams mid-Championship had an incorrect number of races shown for their teams.
  • Championship event inheritance now correctly uses the previous event setup, not the first event setup
  • Fixes an issue where tyres did not show correctly in Session configuration for Championship Race Weekend events.
  • Fixes an issue where placeholder entrants were incorrectly added to the entrylist of a Race Weekend practice session.
Apologies for the release so soon after 1.5.1, but there were a few pretty major fixes that needed doing!


  • Added information about whether a car/track is part of a DLC or a Mod when creating an event.
  • Discord Enhancements (Thanks @cheesegrits!):
    • Splits the '!schedule' command into '!sessions' (full "wall of text" individual session calendar, restricted to one week ahead) and '!schedule' (abbreviated, one per race calendar). This still needs work, as can easily exceed Discord's max msg length.

    • Added role mentioning. If the optional DiscordRoleID is set, that role will be mentioned in all Discord notifications (meaning anyone with that role will get pinged). Additionally, if the optional 'DiscordRoleCommand' is also set, we will attempt to add/remove that role for users, when they issue the "!whatever" command verb - this requires that the bot has "Manage Roles" permission.

    • Changed NotificationReminderTimer to NotificationReminderTimers (plural), to support comma separated multiple timers (like "90,15" for two reminders at 90 and 15 minutes).

    • Added option to disable notifications when a race is scheduled.

    • Added notification for scheduled races being cancelled.

    • Improved formatting of Discord messages, everything is now an embed (except the role mention, which has to be part of the basic message).

  • Fixes track pages for users running Server Manager on Windows
  • Fixes an issue where Championships with 'Any Car Model' specified would fail to find a class for a car.
  • Fixes an issue where cars with no skins might prevent a race from starting.
  • Fixes an issue where Scheduled Championship Race Weekend sessions caused the calendar to error on load.
  • Fixes the Race Weekend "Start after previous session" checkbox not displaying correctly.
  • Fixes an issue where all drivers were incorrectly disconnected from the Live Timings page when an event with multiple sessions looped
Hey, we've got a bunch of cool updates and fixes going out today, we hope you like them!


  • Added a "Start on Tyre from Fastest Lap" option to Race Weekend Filtering. You can use this to force an entrant for a session to start on the tyre they used to complete their fastest lap in the previous session. This might be useful when simulating F1-style qualifications.
  • Added a "Start after Parent Session has completed" option to the Race Weekend Schedule popup
  • Added configurable negative points modifiers for championships for crashes and cuts.
  • Added an Entrant Attendance field to Championship table to help admins keep track of who is showing up for races.
  • Enabled recurring events within championships. A recurring event inside a championship will create a copy of itself in the championship list, scheduled for the next time as defined by the recurrence rule.
  • Added "Register with Steam" to Championships with a Sign Up Form.
  • Added "Sign in with Steam" to the Update Account Details page.
  • Added collision maps to result pages so you look back on your numerous incidents with clarity. On the event tab you can control which collisions are shown on the map.
  • Added track info pages that work much the same as car info pages.
  • STracker integration! This is still somewhat experimental, please report any bugs you find with this! Check out the STracker Options page to get started.
  • Added an "Any Available Car" option to Entrylists. In Sign Up Championships, this allows you to select a range of cars and let registrants choose which car they want. If not filled, these car slots become random car assignments in Custom Races.

  • Fixes an issue where you could not create a Championship with a single entrant.
  • Skins with a # in their name no longer break the car details page.
  • Fixes an issue where the data file for some newer Assetto Corsa cars could not be read.
  • You can now assign negative points penalties in Championships (so you can add points to people in the Standings if you want!)
  • Fixed a couple of issues with plugins running with the Assetto Process.
  • Championship entrant/standings tables can now overflow and scroll if they get really long.
  • Improved fastest lap sorting in Championships.
Hi everybody, 1.5.0 is a big update for us and we hope you enjoy it! Along with this update we're releasing our first premium feature, race weekends. We put a lot of work into race weekends and we hope that you like them.

Anybody that has donated in the past or rents a server from us will have already been sent the premium build, thank you so much for your support, this version of Server Manager would not exist without you!

We are hoping to continue to deliver updates to Server Manager, and more features are on the way!


  • Race Weekends (premium feature) - A Race Weekend is a group of sequential sessions that can be run at any time. For example, you could set up a Qualifying session to run on a Saturday, then the Race to follow it on a Sunday. Server Manager handles the starting grid for you, and lets you organise Entrants into splits based on their results and other factors!
    • You can create individual Race Weekends or create Race Weekends as part of a Championship
    • Race Weekends need a fully configured Entry List to work properly. If you're using a Championship Race Weekend, the Championship Entry List is used.
    • You can add as many sessions to a Race Weekend as you like! You could run 4 Practice sessions, followed by 3 Races, and then a Qualifying, then a Practice, another Race, etc! You have full control!
    • You can start individual Race Weekend sessions at any time. So you can run one session one day, then another one three weeks ahead if you like. We think this will be useful for things such as Endurance events, where you maybe want your drivers to qualify on a different day so they don't tire themselves out before doing a 2 hour race.
    • By default, the results of a session will form the Grid positions for the next session.
    • You can sort the results of a session by a number of different factors (fastest lap, total race time, collisions, cuts, safety, random and alphabetical)
    • All session results can be reversed in the same way you can configure a Reverse Grid Race normally.
    • To manage the flow between sessions, click on the arrow between two sessions.
    • A session grid can be formed from the results of multiple parent sessions. This means you can split and merge the Race Weekend as much as you like. For example, you could set up an F1-style qualifying using Race Weekends! (Check out the example Race Weekend).
    • Race Weekend sessions are shown in a flow-chart, so you can see the connections between the sessions.
    • In Multiclass Championship Race Weekends, the sorting of the Entry Lists is per class. The classes are then ordered by the fastest lap of each class (so LMP1 cars will be ahead of GTE cars on the grid, for example)
    • Each Championship Race Weekend session allows you to set points for the individual session. Championship points are calculated using these points values.
    • You can schedule individual Race Weekend Sessions too!
  • Discord integration! Thanks to @cheesegrits for this! Check out the Server Options page for more information.

  • Dark Theme! You can now set Server Manager to use a Dark Theme in the Server Options. You can also edit this for your account in the "Update Details" page.

  • A re-ordered homepage with the tiles sorted into categories.

  • Server Name Templates - you can now specify (in Server Options) how Server Manager displays your server and event name.

  • We've tidied up the Server Options page a bit. It was getting quite large! The new headings should make things a bit more readable.

  • If 'Show Race Name In Server Lobby' is enabled, Quick Races and Custom Races with no specified name now show the track name in the Server Lobby.

  • A global option to switch speed units from Km/h to MPH for people who want to use the correct measurement system.

  • "Force Virtual Mirror" now defaults to on in all race setup forms.

  • Admin Control Panel on the Live Timing page. Allows admins to send server wide messages, advance to the next/restart session, kick users and other admin commands!

  • You can now re-order Championship Events! Drag them around on the page using the top bar of the Championship Event.

  • Championship Sign Up Forms are only shown if the Championship has free slots left and the Championship is not fully complete.
  • Championships now always show the 'Entrants' tab, so you can check to see if you're in the list!
  • Improved cache validation so that user-uploaded files can change without needing to empty the browser cache.
Today we've got a nice stability patch for championships, alongside some nice other bits.


  • Added configurable server join and content manager messages. Check out the "Messages" page for more details.
  • Championship Events now show the best qualifying and fastest lap in each class.
  • You can now rename drivers on results pages.
  • Drivers can now add their Driver Name, GUID and Team to their account. This will highlight their results on all result pages, add them to the autofill entrant list and automatically input their information if they sign up for an event with a sign up form
  • Added a "Persist Open Championship Entrants" option. When turned off, this prevents the Championship Entry List from filling up, so you can run multiple Championship events in a quick-fire fashion without needing to edit the Entry List between each one. (Championship Points will continue to work correctly).
  • Championship Sign Up Forms now replace your existing sign up with a new one if you sign up with the same GUID and email, so you can request to change cars.

  • Results in the results listings now only show entrants that took part in a session, rather than all registered entrants for that session.
  • Added a popup to alert admins when there are pending Registration Requests for a Championship.
  • Added a "Back to Championship" button on the Championship Registration Request management page.
  • The Championship EntryList displayed before events start now shows the car skins.
  • Championship Entrants are now shown in the order of their pitboxes in the Championship Entrant overview table (shown only when championship progress is 0%).
  • Fixed an issue where registered users did not have their skin set up on individual Championship Events.
  • Fixes an issue where search indexing could fail due to a car with malformed details JSON. Cars which have malformed details JSON (that we can't clean up) will now load without any car details, allowing search indexing to continue.
  • Fixes an issue that caused incorrect ordering of Multiclass Open Championship results. If your Multiclass Open Championships have incorrect classes, you can re-import the Championship event results to fix the issue.
  • Fixes an issue where fastest laps were only awarded to the fastest class in a Multiclass Championship.
  • Fixes an issue where Sol session start times would change to an incorrect time when editing an event.
  • Locked Entry List and Pickup Mode options are now available to be changed in non-Championship events. Do with them what you will.
  • Fixes an issue where Championship Sign Up forms couldn't assign a car when users were not allowed car choice.
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This update addresses an issue that caused high server CPU usage in certain situations! Apologies for the update so soon after 1.4.0 but this in an important fix.

  • Added the "Sleep Time" option to the Server Options page. Added a migration to set the Sleep Time option to 1 for all users.
    This fixes an issue where it was not correctly set to 1 (a value that kunos explicitly recommends), which on smaller servers could cause 100% CPU usage.

1.4 is finally finished! This is probably our biggest single update since launch, and we're pretty excited about it!

As always a huge thank you to everybody that offered feedback, especially our testers on Discord, you guys are great!


  • A calendar that automatically populates with scheduled events! Intended to help users see when events are planned and sign up for them if required.
  • New Car Details pages! You can now manage your car collection right in Server Manager!
  • Car Search! Search for cars by name, tags, BHP, weight, etc. Car search is connected into Quick Races, Custom Races, Championships. Check out the 'Search Help' on any pages with the search bar to find out what kind of things you can search for!
  • Scheduled Race recurrence! You can now set scheduled races to recur at regular intervals.
  • Skin Upload - you can now upload individual skins on the Car Details page
  • Skin Delete - you can now delete individual skins on the Car Details page.
  • Improved asset handling - this is a bit behind-the-scenes, but we've made some efforts to make Server Manager's styles (and fonts!) load quicker.
  • Car Notes and Download links - you can now add notes and download links to a car.
  • Car Tags - you can now add and remove tags to cars. This means if you have a group of cars you use regularly, you can add a tag to them and just search for that tag!
  • Improved Content Manager integration! You can now enable a "Content Manager Wrapper" in Server Options, which provides extra information to entrants in the Content Manager server information! If enabled, Content Manager Wrapper shows download links for the cars that you have uploaded (if they have a Download URL set), Championship information positions, and more! As well, the Content Manager Wrapper will make loading server information quicker.
  • Added an option to config.yml to use a filesystem session store instead of a cookie session store. This should fix issues that people were having with login not being persisted when running multiple Server Manager instances on the same address but different port. Now, you can specify a different filesystem store for each instance of Server Manager. Check out the config.yml 'http' section for more information on this.
  • Added a Content Manager join link to the Live Timings page. This join link can be turned on/off on the server settings page.
  • Added a generic welcome message for all drivers on connect, it will also warn the driver if the server is running Sol.
  • Server Manager now uses gzip compression where possible. This should improve page load times considerably!
  • Added server "Performance Mode" option to config.yml. If this mode is enabled server manager will disable live timings completely, reducing cpu utilisation. This setting may be used in the future to disable further advanced options in order to improve performance.
  • You'll now see this Changelog in Server Manager once per account every time you upgrade. You can also view the Changelog in Server Manager itself at any time using the link in the footer!
Note, all of the new Car features work best when you have uploaded your cars to Server Manager. If you haven't, the pages will still work, but won't be anywhere near as cool!


  • Improved error handling when parsing config.yml, this should give an error with more detail rather than crashing.
  • MOTD text will now be automatically wrapped to prevent large horizontal messages on join.
  • Fixes a bug where drivers who connect but do not load were left in the Connected Drivers table in Live Timings.
  • Live Timings will now reconnect automatically if your connection drops.
  • Only upload official ks content is now working again!
  • Fixes an issue where Open Championship EntryLists would not be correctly preserved when assigning car slots to pre-existing Entrants.
  • Added a server wide fallback sorting option for events where AC has outputted an incorrect driver order in the result json file. Only enable this if you have sorting issues. If you have championship events where the sorting is incorrect you will need to re-import the results files using Manage Event, Import Results.
  • Fixes an issue where the sessions "Time" / "Laps" selector did not show an input field when loading a previously saved race setup.
  • Some errors which were being seen often are now 'warnings' not errors, so you won't see them as often.
  • Reworked the Live Timings table to perform better and prevent scrolling issues.
  • Removed the strict frontend sorting of pit IDs when creating an event. Now you can put cars wherever you like, but they will then be automatically sorted based on weighting. E.g. 0-3-5-5-6 becomes 0-1-2-3-4. Please try to avoid multiple entrants with the same pit ID, as their pitbox will essentially become random.
  • Entrants in the autofill list should no longer duplicate when using the json store, although you will need to manually remove any existing duplicates.
Just a small, but important update to fix an issue that a few users have been experiencing. 1.4 is just around the corner and has a great set of new features and improvements, we just need a bit more time to test!


* Fixed an entry list issue that made some cars impossible to connect to if the pit ID selection had a gap in it. Any gaps in the pit IDs will now be closed automatically (e.g. 1-2-4 becomes 0-1-2). If you want gaps in your entry list please add dummy cars to it.