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AC Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS MR mod v1.0

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Ever since I first learned about Manthey Racing and their upgrade kits for various Porsche models, I was keen to have an MR tuned 991.1 GT3 RS MR in AC.

While the car may not look all that different visually, it is quite a different story on the physics side.

Porsche Pack Vol.2 is a must as the base car comes with it.

I've tried to simulate the following:
1) Upgrade kit for standard suspension
2) MR Racing brake pad set
3) MR Underbody and aerodynamics (they add the diffuser of the 911 R to the car. I've taken the diffuser from the Kunos 911 R and put it in a separate kn5 file that's used here)
4) MR Braided brake line set FA+RA
5) Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 N0 tyres

I've also added the CSP config of the vanilla car here. The engine limiter RPM has been reduced to 8800 to match the real car. Everything else remains the same.

1) Create a copy of ks_porsche_911_gt3_rs and rename it to ks_porsche_9911_gt3_rs_mr
2) Extract ks_porsche_9911_gt3_rs_mr from the RAR file to content/cars in the AC folder. Replace files if prompted to do so.
3) Rename ks_porsche_911_gt3_rs.bank inside the sfx folder to ks_porsche_9911_gt3_rs_mr.bank
4) You can now delete porsche_911_gt3_rs.kn5 and the other LODs present EXCEPT diffuser.kn5. I've edited lods.ini to take them from the vanilla AC Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS.

Don't drag and drop the file inside CM (especially if you've linked CM with Steam as I have had to); just follow the above instructions. Also, download the file using a regular browser not CM.

If you do wish to use the mod for your mods, do credit me in it as well.

For installation queries and other woes, use the 'Discussion' section. Do leave your reviews here.
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Latest reviews

it works now but only cause i didnt do the last step
Ah. The last step is only there to save some hard drive space.

If all the steps were followed correctly, the only kn5 files that should be in the folder are collider.kn5 and diffuser.kn5, both of which are mandatory for the car to work.
I love your idea.... but i couldn't do it... and i was already looking someone to do that amazing change... i'm working on GT2 RS with little better performance
You working on the MR variant of the 991.2 GT2 RS? Great idea.
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